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Navjot Singh Sidhu News: Navjot Singh Sidhu to host ’62 MLAs’ in vigil | India News


CHANDIGARH/AMRITSAR: Navjot Singh Sidhu’s meeting with “62 MLAs” at his residence on Wednesday, followed by a trip to the Golden Temple to pray, MLAs in tow, was highlighted by the newly appointed leader of the Punjab Congress in his ongoing feud with Prime Minister Amarinder Singh.
Those who side with Sidhu criticized Amarinder for refusing to meet the new PCC chief unless he publicly apologized for his “derogatory” tweets against the CM. They advised the CM to agree to an unconditional ceasefire. Amarinder had opposed the appointment of Sidhu as president of Punjab PCC.
Sidhu’s camp claimed that 62 (Congress has 80 MLAs) Congressional MLAs, including Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Tript Singh Bajwa, Sunil Jakhar and Raja Waring, were present when he went to the Golden Temple. The group then prayed at Durgiana Temple and Ram Tirath and paid tribute at Jallianwala Bagh.
At the Durgiana Temple, Sidhu said in a short media interview that he was “happy with what he received and his well-being was in the well-being of Punjab”.
Now that the battle lines have been drawn, party insiders are concerned about the impact the brawl could have on the functioning of the state government. Given Sidhu’s showing off of MLAs and a few ministers on Wednesday, there are rumors of the possibility that the Sidhu camp may be approaching AICC President Sonia Gandhi to replace Amarinder with Sidhu. A tweet on Wednesday by the PPCC chief seemed to point to this: “Winds of Change – of the people, by the people, for the people, Chandigarh to Amritsar.”
Punjab Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa said: “Captain Amarinder appears to be challenging the orders of the High Command. If he had any concerns about Sidhu, he should have shared them during his meetings with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Punjab AICC responsible Harish Rawat. We must all abide by the decision of the High Command. No one should indulge in indiscipline or split the party.”
Sidhu loyalist MLA Pargat Singh asked why he should apologize. “In that case, Captain Amarinder should also apologize to the people of Punjab for not solving the state’s problems. We should focus on the well-being of Punjab and shed our personal ego. Amarinder must show magnanimity, for it must not be a clash of personalities.”
Congress MLA Madanlal Jalalpur also supported Sidhu: “The CM must show a big heart and make amends with Sidhu. His advisors don’t give him the right advice. Partap Singh Bajwa has never apologized to Captain Amarinder, but the two have called a truce.”
Randhawa added that they were “loyal to the party, not to any individual”. He said that they “sided with Captain Saab because of the party” and that they were also behind the party today. “The shortcomings were caused by the advisers. Will retired officers and the CMO dictate terms to us? The party workers are demoralized. We have raised issues such as the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).”
Randhawa said he disagreed with his cabinet colleague Brahm Mohindra’s view of backing the CM over the apology demanded from Sidhu. “He should have facilitated a meeting between the two,” he said.
“Look at the derogatory words Sukhpal Khaira used to the CM during the Assembly session. The dispute between Amarinder and Partap Bajwa had flared up and we had welcomed Bajwa despite being Amarinder loyalists. There is no place for indiscipline in Congress,” Randhawa said, adding that he, along with Tript Bajwa and Sukhbinder Sarkaria, had gone to the home of Punjab Mandi Board Chairman Lal Singh to convey that she, along with Sidhu, had gone to the CM if he agreed to meet.
Another Congress MLA, Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, said: “I believe there is some annoyance (sic) between Amarinder and Sidhu, which will be resolved shortly… There are also differences between leaders of other parties.”
One political analyst saw the developments as the end of the Amarinder era in the party. “A formidable group of Amarinder loyalists are now siding with Sidhu as if they have realized, or been told, that Amarinder has failed to deliver on his promises for the past four and a half years, and the same could cost Congress dearly. in the parliamentary elections,” analyst Kuldip Singh said.
Sidhu and the MLAs who support him have decided to invite Captain Singh to Sidhu’s installation ceremony at Congress Bhavan in Chandigarh on Friday. It remains to be seen whether Amarinder will be willing to bury the hatchet and be present in the absence of a public apology from Sidhu.
Sources said a letter to this effect was approved by the MLAs who had gathered at Sidhu’s residence in Amritsar to request Amarinder’s presence. Acting President Kuljit Singh Nagra has been delegated to deliver the letter to Amarinder on Thursday and he has sought an appointment with the CMO.
However, sources close to Amarinder said such a letter was not received by the CM until Wednesday evening.
Cabinet Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa confirmed the development to TOI, adding that he had made a previous attempt on behalf of Sidhu to contact Amarinder through a loyalist, former MLA Lal Singh. However, he rejected reports that the MLAs passed a resolution in Amritsar. “We had gone there to pay tribute to the Golden Temple and not pass resolutions,” he said.
Harish Rawat is likely to attend the event. There are plans to invite Rahul Gandhi to the official takeover alongside Congress leader Kamal Nath and the Rajasthan CM. However, there was no official confirmation of this.
“Tuesday evening a notice was sent to the MLAs to come to Amritsar, and the attendees signed the letter to the CM. About 60 MLAs were present at Sidhu’s residence. Any new president who takes over will go to the Golden Temple, but in this case the whole thing is being overhyped because of the CM’s annoyance,” an MLA said.
Sources in the party said the Congress leadership was in contact with both sides and the Sidhu camp’s decision to offer Amarinder an olive branch with an invitation followed their intervention.



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