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M5S, Sganga Candidate for Mayor in Turin: Elected on SkyVote


Valentina Sganga, the current leader of the M5S group in the city council, is Turin’s mayoral candidate for the five-star movement. The vote on SkyVote decided it. Sganga received 54.24% of the vote, Andrea Russi, Turin city councilor and second candidate for mayor, 45.76% of the vote. To formalize the result of the vote on Facebook was Vito Crimi.

The vote took place today from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. “This – said Crimi – is proof of how direct democracy remains a central element for the M5S. For two candidates who are both deserving, two great people who have seriously carried out their mandate and honor, the meeting of our members in Turin was called to choose which of the two will represent the Five Star Movement in the next election”.

“It was a day when the numbers were quite limited because it was a vote exclusively linked to the city of Turin, but for us it was an important experience because we experimented with this voting tool that gave us a guarantee of soundness, both from the point of view of data security and confidentiality, and of the ability and flexibility of action to intervene in all voting assistance situations for individual voters,” added Crimi.

“We also conducted a survey among those who voted and in the end the result was 99% satisfaction with the voting experience. This gives us hope for how the next much more demanding voting will take place in two days.” he continued, adding. recalling that the next appointment will be on 2 and 3 August, when the new Statute will be voted on.

“This is a big step forward for the movement,” concluded Crimi, wishing Valentina Sganga and Andrea Russi every success “because I am confident that both can continue this path together as a team and lead to the reaffirmation of the government of M5S”.

“I am officially the mayoral candidate of the Five Star Movement in Turin. I thank all the people who participated in the vote and who have given me extraordinary support and support in recent days. It is a great responsibility that I have determination and commitment,” he wrote Sganga in a message on Fb. “The strongest hug goes to Andrea Russi, friend and faithful candidate. I will walk this path with him, with all the advisers and activists who have worked for Turin in recent years. A final thank you also to Vito Crimi and to the organization of this vote, which was flawless. Tomorrow we leave!”

“Congratulations to Valentina Sganga for the result achieved: she is the mayoral candidate of Turin for the Five Star Movement and the coalition that we will form. And immediately thanks to Andrea Russi for making himself available on this path”, is the social message of the current mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino.

“Now – Appendino continued – it is time to continue working together for the good of our city. I am sure that Valentina will be able to work as a team to make the most of the results she has achieved over the past few years.” years, that she will be able to achieve new ones and that will allow Turin with his team to continue that process of change that started in 2016. Good luck, Valentina! “.


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