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LIVE – “We are in the 4th wave, we have to react”: follow the interview with Jean Castex on TF1



The Minister of Labor gave an update on Tuesday about the application of the health pass in companies and about possible sanctions in the event of failure. Employees, in positions where it becomes mandatory, have until the end of August to obtain the precious sesame. Otherwise, the employer can suspend his employee’s employment contract. “We have introduced a new procedure” of “suspension of the employment contract, of course without compensation, and as soon as the employee has a valid health card, we can undo this suspension,” explains Elisabeth Borne on BFMTV.

After two months, either the employer and the employee agree to continue this suspension of the employment contract, or the employer can start the disciplinary procedure that applies in the event of non-compliance with a vaccination obligation, i.e. a warning, a dismissal and it can even going as far as dismissal,” said the minister, but she tries to reassure: “The employee has time to convince themselves of the importance of vaccination and I am really convinced that this will essentially happen”

The Minister of Labor has also announced additional measures. “We will introduce Wednesday […] the possibility for the employee to agree with his employer to take RTT or days off “and the possibility” to agree on another assignment, in a place “where the employee “will not be subject to health pass” , she emphasizes.



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