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Just 10 steps will help you make your home look more luxurious


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– Want to redecorate your home to make it look more luxurious, but can’t get out of your budget? You would think that buying expensive furniture is the solution as a first step, but it is much simpler than that.

All you need to do is follow just 10 steps brought to you by Kristen McGowan, an interior design content blog.

McGowan has been interested in interior design since a young age, enjoying choosing the paint color of her room, changing the design of furniture and giving advice to her parents about the house.

McGowan graduated from Sheridan College in 2016 with a BA in Interior Design. Since then, McGowan has been creating her own YouTube content for her followers, who number over 880,000 subscribers.

McGowan is usually drawn to natural textures, vintage pieces and faded color palettes.

“But it’s always exciting to experiment with different design styles and trends…I love mixing different designs to create a unique and balanced look!” she tells CNN in Arabic.

How can you refurbish your house and make it look more expensive?

  1. Double the size of comforters: You’ll see this trick in stores and magazine shoots.
  2. Use large pillows
  3. Use multiple lighting sources: For example, your living room could have table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and a chandelier.
  4. Keep the light at the same temperature
  5. Add wall moldings: these details add dimension and a luxurious look to your walls
  6. REMOVE ITEMS FROM THEIR PACKAGING: Packaging can get in the way of your design aesthetic as McGowan puts hand soap, detergent and cleaning sprays in amber bottles.
  7. Curtain: Hang the curtain rods above the window frame as high as possible from the ceiling and fix the curtain wall brackets 15 cm from your window frame, to give your room more space.
  8. Add Wallpaper: You can highlight special areas of your home or spark interest in a seemingly dull space! Add wallpaper to a wall to create an accent wall or install it on the ceiling for a big impact!
  9. Use neutral colors: these colors provide a more luxurious look.
  10. Artwork: Small artworks shrink your space, while larger artworks make your space seem bigger.

For people considering remodeling their home, McGowan advises, “Create a mood board for the style you’re trying to achieve, and save money by buying duplicate furniture and doing projects yourself!”

McGowan’s videos have been admired by many people on her YouTube channel, who always want to support and encourage her to continue her passion.

Today, McGowan wants to take her audience on a complete tour of remodeling an entire home on a budget, creating her own home decor line, and continuing to learn and share more skills and projects on her channel.



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