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“His antibodies are still high.” But Calenda attacks him


“Virginia Raggi is not a question you can escape, are you vaccinated or not?”. Speaking is Carlo Calenda, candidate for mayor of Rome, since Sunday press in the media on his rivals to stimulate vaccinations. A pressing that day after day casts doubts and shadows, especially about the position of the first citizen, as well as encore candidate Virginia Raggi, regarding vaccines.

The question was, until 24 hours ago, was she vaccinated? One response yesterday was an article from the Republic mentioning an explanation of the Capitol. “After he contracted the virus, he followed protocol. His antibodies are still high. Like everyone else, he follows the doctor’s advice regarding his clinical condition.” Antibodies too high, the justification. Antibodies linked to the virus were picked up last November: a statement that is causing some confusion in more than one person. Thus, the Ministry of Health anticipates in its protocol the possibility of vaccinating those who have contracted the virus in the past: “Yes, it is possible to administer only one dose of anti-SARSCoV-2/COVID-19 vaccine. should be administered in people who have already had SARS-CoV-2 infection, both symptomatic and asymptomatic, provided that vaccination is performed at least 3 months after the documented infection and preferably within 6 months thereafter”. Eight months have passed since the mayor’s Covid.

To give substance to the question marks about the mayor’s position, there is also the total absence on the Facebook profile of calls for vaccination, despite the fact that it has been a highly topical topic for months, as well as important for public health.

Two certainties, the lack of vaccination and the lack of vaccination calls, make Raggi the target of Calenda’s departure. “The leaders of the first and second Italian parties have not been vaccinated. Neither has the mayor of the capital. Conte boh. Then you wonder why there are 2.5 million people over 60 who are not vaccinated. Meanwhile, I take today the second dose”. Basically, if the question used to be “Raggi is getting vaccinated,” now it’s “Raggi isn’t a vax?” become.

The mayor’s social silence clashes with the activism of her fellow mayors of the other major European capitals. From the mayor of Sadiq Khan of London to José Luis Martinez Almeida, the mayor of Madrid to Philippe Close, the homologue of Brussels, everyone has posted photos on social media while he was being vaccinated, committing several times to urge citizens to get involved to be vaccinated.

A case of the Raggi became the media with Il Foglio who renamed Raggi mayor “Boh vax”. The Republic, on the other hand, today fished out a post from the mayor’s husband against the vaccination obligation for children imposed by the previous government. In reality, there are still many messages signed by Andrea Severini against the Lorenzin law: a simple search on Facebook is enough. In one case, Severini even shares the controversial Davide Barillari, now a former M5s and known for his conspiratorial views on vaccines. In another, he invites you to participate in a demonstration against compulsory vaccination in Rome. Enough not to call it a vax? The question is certainly different from the current anti-covid vaccination, but in the silence of social media, doubt and confusion is mounting. This is also why we tried to ask the person concerned about the messages, receiving a polite refusal to issue a statement in return.



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