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“He pushed me and the blow went off”: now the arrested commissioner is speaking


I was walking in Piazza Meardi when I noticed this man irritating the patrons of a bar. I approached him, scolded him by inviting him to leave, and that’s when I called the police. When he heard my call, he pushed me and dropped me. It was at that moment that the shot was fired with the pistol already held“. Massimo Adriatic, as reported by theAdnkronos, thus defends itself against the charge of murder. In the presence of the magistrate, the lawyer and councilor of the League for the Security of the Municipality of Pavia gives his reconstruction of the facts after the arrest for the death of a 39-year-old of Moroccan descent.

To infuriate El Boussetaoui Youns, a foreigner with… numerous precedents behind, it would have been exactly the call to the police officers. Sources of the League they let it be known that – according to the first available news – the story “it would be the result of a response to an accidental shot attack“Dal Carroccio also wants to specify that the victim is of Moroccan descent.”he was a person known in the city and to the police for episodes of drunkenness and violence“. Only the investigations of the Arma will better clarify the dynamics: the statements of Adriatici are examined by the Pavia carabinieri, who is involved in the investigation. An autopsy has already been ordered on the body of the victim, affected by a single blow on the chest.

“He’s a pro”

While politics hits the headlines, with accusations against the Carroccio coming from pd already M5S, say former Adriatic colleagues “surprised“of what happened. A police source only reveals to” ilGiornale.it some unpublished indiscretions. Adriatici is the son of a road inspector in Pavia, who after a few years in uniform said goodbye to his inspector to become a lawyer. Caution is advised and none of the former colleagues will”talk until it’s clear what happened“. But they say something about man:”He was always calm, very moderate – explains the source – Maybe he was scared because he was threatened, even though we can’t say yet. But everyone is very strange. He is a level professional, a gentle person, never over the top. He never went mad or had anger outbursts“.

The Legitimate Defense Hypothesis

meanwhile Matteo Salvinic calls for caution and informs that “the hypothesis of legitimate defense finds its way“The League leader said via a video on social media that he wanted to wait for the investigations first.”condemn a decent person who attacked himself and who would have reacted“. Angelo Ciocca, a Northern League MEP, believes what happened in Voghera”it’s a clear episode of self defense“.”If it weren’t for a man who was ready to intervene in defense of a girl who was being abused by a Moroccan, we would probably be talking about violence against an innocent girl.he pointed out.


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