Home ENTERTAINMENT Halle Berry just posed in a bathtub wearing nothing but platform boots

Halle Berry just posed in a bathtub wearing nothing but platform boots


No one likes Instagram like Halle Berry. The stylish fashion icon has shared another post that is nothing short of legendary. Consider me influenced because this image just individually provided inspiration for my fall aesthetic. (Boots in a bathtub? Yes.)

On Tuesday, the actress posted a photo on Instagram of her ridiculously toned legs being thrown over a stone bathtub dressed in burgundy snakeskin platform boots – which I now predict to be a trend this fall.

“It gives legs and thighs ..” Catwoman actress wrote along with the picture.

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This morning, the actress posted a video to her Instagram story about her natural hair blowing in the wind out of a car window. The sunlight shone off the car and her flawless skin, bringing out the brightness of her curls. “I love the morning …” she wrote the caption for the video.

Halle Berry Instagram

Halle Berry / Instagram

The actor has been busy filming the upcoming Netflix movie The mother ship. She was recently seen in the movie in Plainville, Massachusetts outside a dining room wearing a T-shirt with her hair in a ponytail. According to Deadline, the sci-fi will follow Berry’s character after her husband’s mysterious disappearance from their farm, leading her to discover “a strange, extraterrestrial object beneath their home.”


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