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Hadef Al-Durai, a veteran poet who has preserved the heritageور


Saad Abdel Radi and Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi)

Yesterday, the poetic and cultural scene of the Emirates and the Gulf lost one of the most important poets who enriched popular poetry in writing and sound. Over the course of more than four decades, the great late Hafid Al-Duraei with his tolerant spirit and authentic Bedouin morals the heritage of the early ancestors, and even obeyed and renewed until he became the owner of a special imprint in popular poetry locally, in the Gulf and in the Arab world, and his written achievement will remain a testimony to his poetic prowess , and “the color, the tweet and the shilleh” will continue to vocally express the originality and aesthetics of his creativity, and his lovers of poets and people interested in popular poetry expressed their grief at the loss of a great creator and a capable poet..

  • Sultan Al-Amimid

Authentic Bedouin Manners
Sultan Al-Amimi, president of the Emirates Writers Union and director of the Poetry Academy, expressed his deep sorrow over the passing of the powerful poet Hadef Al-Dara’i. Al-Amimi said: “I got to know him closely in the 1990s, and I touched in him that authentic Bedouin morality that expresses the morality of Emirati society, where he was generous and tolerant.” Kind and friendly, but on a creative level, he is a capable, accomplished poet with a special poetic personality and a unique melodic voice who was able to create acoustic beauty for popular poetry through “The Color, Al-Taghrooda and Al- Shella”, and he was at the top of the pyramid of vocal poetic arts in popular poetry, as Al-Amimi pointed out that the deceased The Great, may God have mercy on him, brought together two generations, the generation of pioneers and the first to set their example. followed and innovated and renewed the beauty of their legacy, and the next generation who completed the folk poetic journey with creativity and distinction, so the deceased is not only a loss of Emirati folk poetry, but of folk poetry in the Gulf and the Arab world.

  • Mohammed Al-Buraiki
    Mohammed Al-Buraiki

will stay between us
As for Muhammad Abdullah Al-Buraiki, director of the House of Poetry in Sharjah, he said: When a poet who possesses the elements of beauty departs from a melodious vocal performance, sweet poetry and high morals that made him dwell in hearts, the earth loses a field of beauty, so the departure of Al-Dari, may God have mercy on him, is painful, but it is the year of life, and comfort. His creative work, and his left human interaction with people, will make his memory firm, and he will stay alive among us with his exploits.

  • Sheikha Al Jabric
    Sheikha Al Jabric

in the conscience
Writer Sheikha Al-Jabri, head of the governing body of the Abu Dhabi branch of the Emirates Writers Union, expressed her sadness at the departure of one of the foremost creators of popular poetry in the Emirates and the Gulf. that the deceased, may God have mercy on him, enriched the poetic and cultural scene in general with his melodious voice and high sense until he became a special poetic imprint known to him. Far and near, and poems will remain in the conscience, and Al-Jabri called on those responsible for cultural affairs to preserve his poetic heritage, which stretches over more than forty years, either by republishing his great achievement or to put his texts in books through educational institutions, because it is of great value to all poetic and human levels, where he adhered to authentic Bedouin values ​​all his life.

hair scissors
The poet Nayla Al-Ahbabi expressed her grief at the loss of Al-Duraei and said: May God have mercy on the late poet and literature, the poet Hadef Al-Dari. Hearts mourn and cry for his lost squares and paths. He is gone and his place will remain among us Our departed is an imprint that time does not leave and will remain a beacon of poetry and meaning as it was, may God have mercy on him. Al-Ahbabi added: The echo of creativity will remain immortal and unique and trace its paths through time, full of authentic sound and sadness. One of the symbols of popular poetry to remain a beacon of poetry and meaning as it was, may God have mercy on him.

Heritage echo
Poet Hanadi Al-Mansoori said, “Our poetic arena has lost a melodious, poignant voice that reverberates with its notes of heritage. The owner’s body has departed and his voice remains immortal, resonating in the memory of every lover.
She added: The cultural scene is filled with sadness in the hearts of all who composed and loved their voice. The poet of Shalat, Al-Taghrooda and Al-Watan, Hadef bin Muhammad Al-Darai improvises on the top of these beautiful heritage arts that have always captivated our hearts before hearing his masterful performance of them, that authentic heritage voice that still resonates in Listen to us despite the owner’s departure, what a great loss to the poetic and heritage arena.

  • Saeed Al Badic
    Saeed Al Badic

“Alona, ​​Shela and Al-Taghrooda”
The poet Saeed Salem Al-Badi says: The poetry of the Knight of Nabati, Hadef Al-Dari, left behind a rich legacy of high morals that distinguished him throughout his life with his personality overflowing with goodness and poetry that made him popular and loved and his melodious voice has always had an impact on oral folklore as he distinguished in authentic folk arts such as “Al-Wanah, Al-Shalah and Al-Taghrooda”, which is cherished by many, is also considered a cultural heritage Al-Dari’i, who was distinguished by his melodious voice, excelled in his performance, because he made you suspect the poem and its expressive words that it was more fun and harmonious, so he had a remarkable presence in the local and Gulf arena .
Al-Badi adds: Al-Dari is considered one of the most conservative when it comes to the details of popular poetry, and he is one of the figures highly regarded by Emirati intellectuals and lovers of popular poetry. He had obvious efforts in this area, and with his departure the local poetic scene lost one of its pillars and pillars.

  • Khaled Al Dhanhani
    Khaled Al Dhanhani

bus rally
Khaled Al-Dhanhani says: Loss is a painful feeling, and it is more painful when the Emirati cultural scene loses a poet as great as Hadef Al-Dari, may God have mercy on him, as he is one of the figures of popular poetry , who were able to preserve the poetic heritage of the Emirates in all its details.
He adds: Lost the poetic arena, a veteran poet with a busy career on the paths of poetry. He gave much to poetry and poets through the poems and tricks his poetic poem created. Al-Duraei knew the truth of pure creativity and gave poetry with love and loyalty. Poetry and poetry lovers exchanged for him sincerity and loyalty, so he was his companion. Authentic on the paths of culture and creativity. May God have mercy on the poet Hadef Al-Duraei, who left us in body, and his creative contributions will be in the memory of the nation, and its effects will continue to be a guiding light for new generations of poets and creators, and from here we extend our deepest condolences and heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased, praying to God to bless him with his grace May he rest in peace, and inspire his kin to patience and comfort.



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