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Hadef Al-Darai.. Popular poetry loses one of its columns – thought and art – culture


After a busy march in the paths of Nabatean poetry, death was the last point in the life of the Emirati poet Hadef Al-Dari, who landed with a generous Lord and left his notebooks full of poetry and shalat. He owns a melodious voice in the art of Alone, Shela and Al-Taghrooda. The local and Gulf scenes, everyone loved him, as well as the words and verses of poetry.

With his departure, the local arena lost one of its corners and pillars, and he was known for his morals, his dream and his fragrant biography. Hadef Al-Duraei was one of the flags that preserved the details of popular poetry, and he is a of the flags prized by intellectuals of the UAE and knights of popular poetry, lifting him the hat of glory.

The son of the city of Al-Ain, poet Hadef Al-Dari’i, went to the afterlife without a return to wear a black dress on social media after him, mourning his pure soul, like many of his acquaintances, friends , poets of popular poetry, and those who occasionally listened to his poems and voice, mourned and accustomed to his appearance in programs dealing with popular poetry.

The poet Sultan Al-Amimi, chairman of the board of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, was among the first to mourn the late poet, as he wrote through his report on “Twitter”: “With the departure of the poet Hadef Al-Dara’i, we have lost one of the most famous Nabat poets in the four decades in the Emirates. The late distinguished himself for his high morals. And his personality loved by all and his melodious voice in the art of Sheleh. ‘

While Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Musallam, president of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, wrote: “May God have mercy on the poet Hadef Al-Dari, and may he rest in peace. I was delighted to participate with him in more than one cultural forum , and he was part of the Sharjah delegation led by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council The ruler of Sharjah, to Armenia in the Sharjah Cultural Week, presented a number of salaat to the university of Armenia.

While Al-Wasmi wrote on Twitter, “And yes, the man.. I met him more than once,” he described him as a “school of morals and poetry.” What Dr. Concerning Hammad Al-Khatiri, he wrote: “O God, the most merciful of the merciful.. I ask you in your greatest name and with complexes.” Mercy is in your book, to have mercy on the poet Hadef bin Muhammad Al-Dari, and to forgive him and overlook him, and to replace his evil deeds with good deeds, and to honor his hometown and to turn his grave into a kindergarten from the Gardens of Paradise.”

And the media personality, Ali Salem Abu Daoud Al-Dari’i, tweeted: “One of the beloved men has passed away, for all.. the poet Hadef bin Muhammad Al-Dura’i, may God forgive him, and we ask him to enter him into paradise.”



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