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Former Economy Minister Juan Vital Sourrouille has passed away


Died last Wednesday Juan Vital Sourrouille, former Minister of Economy of Raúl Alfonsín. I had 80 years and had been fighting for years colon cancer from which he was recovering.

The Ministry of Finance launched the australian plan, a monetary and anti-inflation reform program that immediately brought inflation from a level of more than 30% per month to almost zero.

Sourrouille’s death was confirmed by Agustín Campero, vice president of the UCR National Convention (Image: Twitter / @ agustincampero).

The death was confirmed by Agustín Campero, vice president of the UCR National Convention, via his Twitter account.

We deeply regret the death of Juan Vital Sourrouille, former economy minister of Raúl Alfonsín. We extend our condolences to their families and loved ones,” manifested for his part the Radical Citizens’ Union on the official party account.

Fue taunt Minister of Economic Affairs since February 1985when he replaced Bernardo Grinspun, until March 1989. I feed the . from Australian plan, whose central measures were the change of currency sign (Three zeros were removed from the currency, the Argentine peso was replaced by the Australian, which equaled 1,000 pesos) and a process of price deindexation.

After resigning from the ministry, was succeeded by Juan Carlos Pugliese, which in turn was replaced later by Jesús Rodríguez, today Auditor General of the Nation.

Raúl Alfonsín with his Economy Minister Juan Vital Sourrouille at the announcement of the Austral Plan (Photo: NA).

Throughout his political and professional career, Sourrouille kept a low profile. After holding public office, he returned to devote himself to scientific research.

However, soHe always had a close relationship with Jesús Rodríguez and political referents of Alfonsinism. Precisely, in a 2009 interview with the “Alternative Scenarios” portal, which directed the Nation’s current Auditor General, he said, “I was never a radical, at least until then. I wasn’t a Peronist either, but rather an independent.” But The years of the dictatorship had been so hard that we were all willing to do something for the country.”

Juan Vital Sourrouille and Mario Brodherson say goodbye to the remains of Raul Alfonsin at the National Congress in April 2009 (Photo: NA / Hugo Villalobos)

About his economic plan, the economist said:Why is the government implementing the Austral Plan? At that point, the risk that the president might not be able to keep up his mandate was no less. At the very least, inflation had to be stopped. In the Austral plan we understood that it was inexorable to freeze prices to stop inflation abruptly, there was no time for more gradualism”.

“In addition, it had to be this way because, although this is usually ignored, unemployment was low during Alfonsín’s government. An “orthodox” program for inflationary levels generates a level of unemployment incompatible with the prosperity and political survival of a government. It was a political operation to eliminate the toughest threats he faced at the time, to make it to the end of the yearAdded the famous economist who died this Wednesday.

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