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Exclusive: Tolosa Paz and Gollan are the candidates in the province of Buenos Aires


Within days of closing lists for elections 2021The Frente de Todos has already defined its candidates to lead the list of national deputies for the province of Buenos Aires. A high-ranking national government source confirmed the information to the unveiling, after a meeting between the president Alberto Fernandez and the governor of Buenos Aires Axel Kicillof: will be the chairman of the Council for the Coordination of Social Policy, Victoria Tolosa Paz, and the second candidate will be the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Daniel Gollan. The definition stems from an agreement between the president and the governor of one of the major provinces in this election.

In the context of an atypical election due to a pandemic and a health crisis, the national government was able to react immediately and remarkable progress has been made since December in the vaccination campaign to achieve the immunization of Argentines. For his health management, Gollan is chosen to be on the list of deputies and especially for his work to strengthen the provincial health system which was dismantled by the government of Maria Eugenia Vidal since 2016.

While, Tolosa Pazi He was able to gain fame and firmly position himself with an extensive and social agenda throughout the province of Buenos Aires, he has a very good relationship with the president and the governor and is the first media sword of the ruling party. The formula Tolosa Paz – Gollan It is key to conducting the electoral campaign in one of the country’s key districts, where Peronism (now united) has not won parliamentary elections since 2005.

Three days after the closing of the lists, the Frente de Todos will form a unit on the list that will be led by these two important leaders in the province of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, the opposition of Together for Change continues a fierce internment in the Buenos Aires area between the deputy head of government of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli; and the hard wing of the PRO that sees with suspicion that another Buenosairean leader has been installed in the province; and radicalism led by Facundo Manes.

Within days of becoming official, the national government will not lose sight of the vaccination campaign, which is progressing rapidly with the arrival of new batches of vaccines to inoculate the population. The simultaneous and mandatory open primaries (PASO) will take place on September 12, while the general election is on November 14.


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