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Eric Zemmour supporters use photos of attack victims for campaign, complaint filed


See the faces of their companions accidentally plastered on the walls “for electoral purposes”, the victims of November 13 did not support. The lawyer of an association of relatives of victims and relatives of the attacks of 13 November 2015 announced that on Wednesday 21 July he had filed a complaint against Generation Z, a movement in support of Eric Zemmour, for the use of photos of victims on his Twitter account.

The complaint, which was addressed to the public prosecutor in Paris on Wednesday afternoon, denounces the embezzlement for personal, political and electoral purposes photos of victims, said Jean Reinhart, council of the association 13our15, confirming information from Franceinfo.

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The Generation Z movement, which brings together young people who support the polemicist’s candidacy for the 2022 presidential election, has published on his Twitter account on Tuesday a series of black and white photos, framed in blue, white and red, of victims of attacks or various facts accompanied by the keyword #nosviescomptent.

These include victims of the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris, Eric Masson, a police officer who was shot dead in Avignon during a deal point check in May, or Theo, an 18-year-old salesman who was fatally stabbed in a phone shop on July 10. in Seine et Marne.


“By acting in this way, Generation Z is creating prejudice and violating legal provisions regarding the protection of privacy”, estimated Me Reinhart, adding that the complaint was filed for: “Use and misappropriation of images without permission from copyright holders”.

“We find this way of doing things unacceptable. We do not want to be taken over by anyone during this period close to the process and the elections. “

“The unauthorized use of images of victims of terrorism is no way to pay tribute to their memory. It’s desecration. Whatever the political color is”, estimated the association 13our15 on Twitter.

The distribution of these photos sparked outrage on Twitter. “I just want to scream” in front of “This despicable pro-Zemmour campaign with the photos of our deceased children”, outraged Georges Salines, father of a young woman murdered in Bataclan.

Gen Z spokesperson Stanislas Rigault, interviewed by Franceinfo, denied an instrumentalization. ‘If honoring the memory of the victims is recovery, there’s nothing we can do about it’, he said, specifying that the goal was to “Mobilize for insecurity and pay tribute to the victims of murders and knife attacks”. Twenty people will be tried for the November 13 attacks (130 dead and 350 injured) in the trial, which is set to begin on September 8 and last about nine months.

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