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Can the end of unwanted calls be near?


Can the end of unwanted calls be near?

The end is near the future of unwanted phone calls. And good deliverance! The moment you sit down for dinner or anticipate that important business call, it’s likely to be a smart spammer who’s discovered that it’s intruding on our lives even more as time goes on. If you think you are the only one receiving all these calls, think again. Americans received almost 46 billion robo-calls in 2020 – that’s over 2,000 calls per second! Read on to find out how STIR / SHAKEN might reverse the tide.

Businesses are certainly hard at crossing all these spam. If you are a legitimate business, how can you get by? Many spammers have found a way to make us more likely to answer the phone by selecting a number that is obviously in the same area code as we are in – many times it is not actually in the same area code. This is a tactic commonly known as neighbor cheating. Fortunately, telephone operators are working diligently to create algorithms to stop all this spam. You’ve probably encountered some of this on your phone when you see “probable fraud” or “risk of spam” or even as an unknown caller.

While these are big steps in stopping spam, many businesses eventually become labeled as spam. Fortunately, there is a new way to check your number via STIR / SHAKEN, new regulations to stop robo-calls.

Learn more about how STIR / SHAKEN will soon change the look of future phone calls in the visual deep dive below:

STIR / SHAKEN changes the future of telephone calls


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