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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked for apologies to over-80s after ex-assistant’s Covid claims


LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked on Wednesday to apologize in parliament to the country’s elderly after his former top aide’s claims he rejected the need for a second lockdown last year as those who died of Covid “were in orphans were all over 80”.
Appearing for his weekly Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) session in the House of Commons remotely from his self-isolation at his Checkers country retreat, Johnson was confronted by the opposition on Tuesday about Dominic Cummings’ accusations in a BBC interview.
Johnson did not deny making the comments last October when he said the government was making “incredibly difficult balancing decisions” at the time.
“Nothing I can say from this virtual shipping box or anything I can do can make up for the loss and suffering people have endured during this pandemic,” he said.
Opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer insisted: “I think we should check that the line is working at Checkers because the Prime Minister’s answers don’t resemble the questions I’m actually asking him.”
Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Ian Blackford also called for an apology, adding: “How could anyone have trusted a Prime Minister who actually typed the words ‘Get Covid and live longer’?”
And he reiterated his call for an immediate public inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic.
Johnson said it was “correct” that the investigation would begin early next year, when the country would be in a “much better position”, adding: “That doesn’t mean we don’t keep learning lessons.”
The interaction took place during the latest PMQs before the UK Parliament goes into summer recess, something the opposition warned as a “summer of chaos” amid confusion over government policy on exemptions for people granted by the National Health Service (NHS)- app were notified of a Covid positive contact and Covid nightclub passports.
“When it comes to creating confusion, the Prime Minister is a super-spreader,” the Labor leader said.
Johnson accused the Labor leader of trying “to score cheap political points”.



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