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Abu Dhabi Chamber launches talent management training program – the economy – the economy of the UAE on Sunday


This Sunday, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce will launch a talent management training program. The program lasts for two days and is implemented remotely via Zoom technology.

The Chamber has explained on its official page on the website that the program will cover many topics, including the definition of talent by companies, the guidelines for the talent management system, the degree of institutional readiness and the plan for the future.

Reed Al Dhaheri, member of the board of directors of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, confirmed that talent management helps companies improve performance, noting that experts agreed on the need to attract and retain talent to drive overall performance. improve. She explained that such training programs increase the competitiveness of companies by recruiting and developing talented employees to prepare for change and risk.

She pointed out that talent training and management programs help companies and entrepreneurs leverage their innovative capabilities to solve problems and come up with differentiating ideas.

She emphasized the importance of working as a homogeneous team and talent management creates a more productive team than just the presence of innovative individuals in companies and commercial institutions, and the presence of inspiring talent in the work team motivates other employees and helps them innovate . She emphasized the importance of a talented individual who feels valued in companies and organizations.

The Emirates Academy, affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Chamber, was invited to participate in the programme.

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