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LEBAK, COMPASS.com – One of the street vendors (PKL) in Rangkasbitung, Lebak, Banten, named Eni, told about the difficulties his family encountered in selling during the implementation of PPKM.

He and other traders also put up white flags as a form of protest because the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) was extended.

He also hopes that with a white flag installed, the government will care if a small sword like him is hit hard, but receive minimal aid.

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“The impact is very serious, usually I can sell 100 cups of drink in a day, but now I only have 20, Alhamdulillah,” said Eni.

He said that because of PPKM, Eni had to be smart about managing the finances of the sales she made. The trick is to reduce the food rations for himself and his family.

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“Now I eat a plate alone, Alhamdulillah, I don’t think about the side dishes, just finding rice is already grateful,” he said.

Not only she who felt the impact immediately, also her husband who works as a motorcycle taxi driver.

According to him, since PPKM, her husband chose to sell with her because there were no passengers.

“In addition, there is a policy to close roads. After 7 pm you can’t go anywhere because many roads are closed, there are no passengers,” he said.

Another trader named Jefri hopes to get help from the government. According to him, since PPKM he has never received any help, neither rice nor money.

Jefri said other traders had received rice aid from officers who went around to offer help, but he couldn’t because the cart was already closed.

“The next day I asked the officer, he said he had to be vaccinated first if he wanted to get it, while I wasn’t vaccinated, I didn’t get it because I was standing in line,” said Jefri.

Urge people to get vaccinated immediately

Meanwhile, Regional Assistant (Asda) I for Administration and Welfare of the Lebak Regency Secretariat, Alkadri, said aid for street vendors has been distributed since PPKM was launched in early July.

So far, no less than 4.5 tons of rice has been distributed.

“We distributed it directly, basic food packages consisting of five kilos of rice to cooking oil, through the Satpol-PP directly to street vendors in Rangkasbitung,” Alkadri told Compass.com by phone, Wednesday (21/7/2021).

In addition to direct distribution, help was also provided to market vendors and street vendors interested in vaccinating.

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Alkadri added that the Lebak regency government periodically held mass vaccinations for traders and street vendors, after which they would receive food parcels.

“Yes, they want to encourage them to get vaccinated first, they have to get vaccinated first, they just have to come to the vaccine site and get the basic food packs,” he said.

According to him, mass vaccination will be held especially for traders and street vendors in Rangkasbitung.

As for street vendors who have not been vaccinated and have not received help, he is advised to come.

As previously reported, a number of street vendors in Rangkasbitung, Lebak, Banten have put white flags on their carts.

The white flag was installed as a form of protest as the PPKM was extended.

Based on monitoring Compass.com on Wednesday 21-07-21 on Jalan Iko Jatmiko no less than a dozen carts were known with the white flag.

They consist of fried food sellers to chicken porridge sellers.

(Banten contributing author, Acep Nazmudin | Editor I Kadek Wira Aditya)



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