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A cougar was filmed on a floating iceberg – News


An adult cougar was photographed and filmed on an iceberg in Los Glaciares National Park, in Santa Cruz, where a group of tourists took with them an extraordinary history of Patagonian wildlife.

The impressive fact, unknown to most, but not strange to these cats, was captured by visitors aboard the ship María Turquesa sailing on Lake Argentino.

While marveling at the imposing glaciers of the protected area, tourists saw an animal floating on an iceberg in the water surface.

As the boat approached the ice floe, visitors discovered it was an adult cougar.

Surprised by the scene, as the iceberg was in the middle of Lake Argentino, travelers didn’t take long to capture the event with their cameras and cell phones, capturing the footage that quickly spread.

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Park rangers explained how the big cat got to the ice floe floating on the water surface: “The animal climbed alone, probably to rest as it swam across the water surface. There is a record of pumas crossing parts of the river. Lake Argentino , which has a depth of more than 80 meters”.

“From parks, the animal will be followed from a careful distance so as not to stress it and if thrown into the water it will be tracked. It must be remembered that it is a wild adult cougar, so it is very dangerous to trying to climb it on top of a boat” they indicated from the “Rangers in fight” report.

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In that sense, they added that “the icebergs move mainly by the wind, so as long as the cougar stays on the iceberg, it is safe and the wind will help it get closer to shore.”

The cougar (Puma concolor) is one of the largest felines in the country and has a wide geographical distribution as it can be recorded throughout the mountain range, as well as the mountainous area of ​​central Argentina and the coast.

Los Glaciares National Park, which protects 731,932 acres of steppe and Patagonian forests, is the protected area with the highest sightings of cougars, according to data from the National Parks Administration’s (SIB) Biodiversity Information System: Last year, 333 sightings were recorded of this feline in the Santa Cruz area.



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