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12 Schools To Vote In Stage Three Of The First Registration Exercise, Parenting & Education News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – Voting will take place at 12 primary schools here in the third phase of this year’s Primary 1 registration exercise – Phase 2A2.

The schools include Gongshang Primary, Holy Innocents’ Primary, Nan Hua Primary and Rulang Primary, according to the Ministry of Education (MOE) website on Wednesday (July 21).

The most oversubscribed school is Nan Hua Primary, where 21 children compete for five vacancies.

The results of the vote will be sent to parents by text message on Friday.

The 12 schools that have to vote are slightly less than the 14 schools that went to a vote in this phase last year.

Several schools also held ballots this year, such as Gongshang Primary in Tampines and Temasek Primary in Bedok.

Phase 2A(2) is reserved for children whose siblings or parents are former members, whose parents are school staff, or who are currently in primary school in a MOE kindergarten.

Registrations for this phase of the exercise opened on July 14 and closed at 4:30 pm on July 15.

Six schools had no vacancies at this stage, as they had all been picked up during the previous phase 2A(1).

They are Ai Tong School, Catholic High School (primary), CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School (primary), Nanyang Primary School, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School and Rosyth School.

The six schools will have spots available in the next phases – phase 2B and 2C – as each primary school has reserved 20 spots for each of these phases.

The next phase of the exercise – Phase 2B – will be available to register online on Monday, July 26 from 9:00 am. It closes at 4:30 PM the next day.

This phase is reserved for children whose parents are volunteers at the school, supported by the church or clan directly associated with the school, or who are recognized as community leaders.

The results will be released by MOE on August 2.

Phase 2C is for eligible children who have not yet been placed in a primary school. Registration opens on August 3 at 9:00 AM and closes on August 5 at 4:30 PM.

This year’s Primary 1 registration, conducted entirely online, runs until October. There are a total of seven stages.

The registration form for the coming phases can be found on the MOE website.


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