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YouTube expands Super Chat Creator payment options beyond Live Streams with “Super Thanks”


YouTube is making the next small improvement with its creator monetization tools, adding “Super Thank You,” which is basically extending its Super Chat streamer donation feature to regular video uploads, providing another way for creators to monetize their content.

As YouTube CEO Neal Mohan explained:

“Since launch Super Cat in 2017. i Great stickers In 2019, creators from all over the world wanted us to transfer this magic beyond live streams and premieres to video streaming. input Great thank you!! Fans watching YouTube videos can now purchase Super Thanks to express their gratitude and show support. They will see an animated GIF and as an added bonus they will receive a separate, vivid comment to highlight their purchase, to which the creators can respond. “

The feature provides another way to make money for creators and fans to ‘see’ their favorite stars, which can help improve connectivity and facilitate the continued growth of channels and businesses, a key element in YouTube’s growing focus on creators as they seem to be saving due to growing competition.

But it is not entirely new.

Last February, YouTube launched a test of a new payment feature called “Applause” on selected videos, which is basically, just like “Super Thank You,” an extension of Super Chat for regular video uploads.

An example of applause on YouTube

As you can see here, with “Applause” users were able to tap “Applause” below the main playback screen to then donate money to the creator, expanding YouTube’s capabilities like Super Chat.

YouTube obviously felt like “Applaud” was too far removed from “Super Chat” for people to realize they were basically the same thing, which is why it’s now renamed “Super Thanks”.

Which makes sense, but at the same time, “Super Thank You” looks a bit cheesy, perhaps? I don’t know about that.

Anyway, Super Thanks is now available, and YouTube users can purchase Super Thanks packages for between $ 2 and $ 50 (or the local currency equivalent).

“Just like Super Chat and Super Stickers, Super Thanks has a dual duty for creators: it maintains meaningful connections with (super) fans, while at the same time giving them a new way to make money.”

Which, as noted, is the next key battleground for social platforms, especially as TikTok continues its rise and puts more pressure on big players with its growing market presence.

But what TikTok doesn’t have are effective monetization tools, at least not at the same level that YouTube and Facebook can offer. That’s why they both now want to bring TikTok back by incorporating more revenue-generating tools for creators, hoping top users will see the grass green on their pastures and continue posting their content on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube instead.

Which could work. Vine eventually shut down because its main stars realized they could make more money elsewhere, and no matter how you look at it, monetizing short-form videos is difficult and will continue to pose challenges for TikTok even as it expands.

Who could see more of his big-name stars wandering. And if they do, YouTube and Facebook will be waiting for them with open arms to grab them and instead welcome their audience on their platforms.

That’s why tools like Super Chat and now Super Thanks are important, adding a little more to YouTube’s honey pot to attract more creators to either come across or stay with them.

As such, although it may seem like a minor addition, it could play a major role, with the platform offering the best options eventually having to win.

Super Thanks is currently in beta and is available to ‘thousands of monetizing creators’. Creators can check for early access by following the instructions here.


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