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Wellington today, July 20: Serious crash closes Remutaka Hill Rd, reported sightings of killer whale pod


Kia ora Peneke. Here’s today’s latest news from Wellington.

3pm: Remutaka Hill Rd to be closed while emergency services work

Jasmine Higginson, media manager for Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, said it was unknown how long the Remutaka Hill road would remain closed after an accident early in the afternoon.

It depends on how long emergency services stay on the scene, she said.

The agency hoped the road would reopen before rush hour began around 5 p.m.

2.20 pm: Transmission Geul not damaged by storm

Transmission Gully builder CPB HEB has confirmed that last weekend’s storm caused no damage to the highway under construction.

The crew carried out a full site inspection on Monday and found no problems.

“The road was able to handle it again without problems. It is designed to be super resilient, and much safer and more resistant to storms, earthquakes etc. than the coastal route… planned construction work was disrupted this weekend by the heavy rain, but no dramas,” said spokeswoman Natasha. said Utting.

The pavement on the road is now 94 percent complete after asphalt teams laid 13,000 tons in June.

Asphalting or sealing chips in too wet and cold conditions can increase the risk of asphalt pavement failure, which can lead to problems such as potholes.

The road will open on September 27.

2:05 PM: Serious crash on Remutaka Hill

One person has been seriously injured after a crash on Remutaka Hill.

Police were notified of the single-vehicle accident at 1.15pm and said in a statement that the road would be closed while the serious accident unit would investigate the accident site. Motorists were advised to avoid the area.

A spokesman for the Wellington Free Ambulance said two ambulances were on their way to the crime scene, on State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill Rd, as well as a helicopter.

Firefighter David Meikle said two fire crews were on the scene.

1:45 PM: Nighttime firearms incident in Lower Hutt

Police are investigating an incident at a property at Bluff Close in Kelson, Lower Hutt, around 11:40 PM, where a group of people armed with firearms entered a home.

One person suffered minor injuries and the firearm was not released, a police spokesman said.

“The investigation into the circumstances is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this stage,” she said.

About 20 minutes later, just after midnight, police were notified of a reported break-in at a house in Tawa.

A police spokeswoman said two people entered a residential address and assaulted the resident before stealing items from the house.

The victim suffered minor injuries and the police investigation continues, she said.

12:40 PM: Road Layout Changes, State Highway 1 Mackays Crossing

From Monday, the south two-lane to one-lane merge lane on State Highway 1 at Mackays Crossing will move approximately 325 yards north.

This layout change is intended to allow for the safe installation of street lighting on the north side of Transmission Gully.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency said delays are expected as motorists get used to the road layout.

New merging change Transmission Geul from Monday.


New merging change Transmission Geul from Monday.

11:40am: New bike racks to meet growing demand

Just over 50 new bike racks and six bike repair stands will be installed in Wellington in the coming months to meet growing demand.

The Wellington City Council said the work was part of improving facilities and infrastructure to make cycling easier and more convenient, encourage more people to cycle more and help reduce emissions from road transport.

Fifty-two new bike racks will be installed at 18 locations in Karori, Northland, Tawa, Central City, Oriental Bay, Seatoun, Lyall Bay, Hataitai Beach, Island Bay and Miramar.

The new parking facility brings the number of racks to about 650, good for about 1,300 bicycles.

Six new fix-it stands will be placed in the Makara mountain bike park, Tawa, Khandallah, Lyall Bay, Strathmore and Happy Valley, in addition to the 17 stands already in use, which will have tools and bike pumps to carry out ongoing repairs or basic maintenance. feed .

From August, the municipality will also install a number of ‘push gutters’ on public stairs, so that bicycles can be pushed instead of being carried up the stairs.

Read more about the changes here.

The Department of Conservation said it made sightings in Seatoun and Makara on Tuesday morning.


The Department of Conservation said it made sightings in Seatoun and Makara on Tuesday morning.

10:30 AM: Orca pod sightings in Seatoun and Makara

The search in the air and sea will continue today in an effort to locate baby killer whale Toa’s pod.

The Department of Conservation said it made sightings in Seatoun and Makara on Tuesday morning.

“Today’s weather gives us the best opportunity to look for the killer whale pod, especially with the credible sightings near Wellington,” said DOC Marine Species Manager Ian Angus.

We will have a boat in the water and the aero club will help search for the sky.”

The orca remains in a temporary pool at the Plimmerton Boating Club while seawater quality is assessed and weather conditions are monitored.

“Moving the orca can cause stress, so with bad weather expected from Wednesday night, it could stay in the temporary pool until the weather clears up later in the week, rather than moving it twice,” Angus said.

Any sightings of orcas can be reported to [email protected] or 0800 DOC HOT.

Essential information includes the location of the pod, the direction of travel of the animals and photos or videos that clearly show the saddle/back markings of the animals and their dorsal fins.

“If you see an orca pod, report it immediately and make sure you keep 50 meters away from it,” Angus said.

10.15am: Man tries to ram police car twice in central Wellington

A man has been arrested after failing to stop for police and trying to ram into a police car twice in the night.

Police found a vehicle believed to contain a person of interest on Vivian St. just before midnight Monday. Officers gave the car a stop sign, but were unsuccessful.

A police spokeswoman said there was no pursuit and the vehicle slammed into Lavaud St a short time later. The vehicle then reversed and attempted to hit a patrol car twice, the spokeswoman said.

“In both cases, the police were able to back up before being hit. No police officers were injured in the incident,” she said.

The man then fled on foot, but was found nearby and arrested.

6.45 am: Traffic updates:

There are currently no known traffic disruptions around Wellington.

On State Highway 2 Ngāūranga to Petone, a speed limit of 50 km/h remains in effect. Part of the bike path after the Ngāūranga junction will remain closed.

Weather today:

The day starts fine, but showers are possible for later in the morning and evening.

Fresh south winds to start the day turning north from midday.

In this morning’s Dominion Post:

Wheelchair ramp held up as Regional Council and Heritage NZ quarrel

Wheelchair user Laura Stuart started to cry as she started to catch the train to and from Wellington Central Station, because she felt ‘how disabled’.

Stuart is one of several Wellington commuters still waiting for a planned wheelchair ramp to be installed in front of the city’s main train station, as disputes persist over who is responsible for the robbery.

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Gun violence against police fuels concerns

New Zealand’s top officer says frontline police officers are concerned after a spate of recent gun-related incidents and violence against them.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster said he has seen a “really disturbing” trend with criminals increasingly using firearms against officers.

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Feathermania, curated by Claire Regnault, showcases women's fashion taonga adorned with all kinds of feathers.

Ross Giblin / Stuff

Feathermania, curated by Claire Regnault, showcases women’s fashion taonga adorned with all kinds of feathers.

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