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Vaccines, green card and colours: the involvement of the regions in government


The new meeting between the presidents of the Regions Italians, committed to reaching an agreement and defining common guidelines to follow to manage the Covid problem in the coming months.

During today’s meeting, convened by President Massimiliano Fedriga in view of the decree that the government is preparing, disagreements arose between the various governors, which will hopefully be overcome in tomorrow’s meeting.

School and vaccines

At the moment it seems that the presidents have found a common point regarding the problem of the beginning of the new school year. We talk about “vaccination advice for school and university staff, both teaching and technical-administrative, on the understanding that in case of outbreaks at school, only those with a green pass can attend classes in attendance”.

Extension of the Green Pass

The announcement, very clearly, is therefore that of a further tightening of the imposition of the use of the document for the whole population, with a “extension of the green certification obligation, modulated on the basis of the territorial epidemiological context, but always foreseen for major sports and entertainment events; discos; fairs and conferences“.

Not only. The governors are aiming to impose the pass for entry as well indoor activities such as bars, clubs and restaurants, which could thus remain open even if there was an increase in infections in the coming months and some areas would no longer be in the white zone.

In order to disseminate the green certificate as much as possible, the governors would also consider the proposal of the Campania region, which insists that the document be delivered to the categories that have the most difficulty using digital, such as the elderly.

Color change parameters:

Another element on which the governors have reached some agreement is the modification of the parameters by which the chromatic bands risk. Via, therefore, overcoming the criterion of weekly infection cases, rather than favoring the number of hospital admissions, both regular and intensive care. Before the classification change, the threshold of 15% in intensive care employment and 20% in ordinary hospitalization would have been adopted, without prejudice to the possibility for the smaller regions to introduce an element of greater flexibility.

Also the percentage of vaccinations in the local population and the number of smears performed could be relevant parameters for the chromatic mapping of a particular area.


“The progress of the vaccination campaign makes it possible to update the indicators related to the assignment of colors to the different areas and the resulting restrictive measures”, President Massimiliano Fedriga told the press. “On both the revision of the criteria for the zones and the use of the green pass, further discussions are underway with the government and, following today’s discussion, the Conference of Regions will meet again tomorrow morning to determine the precise definition of the introduce” .

Regions clamoring for an intensification of serum inoculations“in the age group 12-18 and more generally under 30” and then say “making vaccine doses more available Pfizer and modern”. These serums should also be extended to people over 60, “given the low propensity of this group to vaccinate with the Astrazeneca doses”.

The position of the government

The executive will launch tomorrow a decree-law with the procedures for imposing the Green Pass and those for defining the color risk areas: the extension of the State of emergency until next December 31. As requested by the regions, the move to the yellow zone will no longer require relying on a system based on infections and incidence, but on hospital admissions and occupancy of intensive care beds.

For which care? green pass, the government would evaluate the idea of ​​granting it even after receiving the first dose of vaccine: the issue of which places will be accessible without completing the entire vaccine cycle remains up for debate.


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