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This Sontoloyo man sleeps in threes and commits immorality hundreds of times, his wife doesn’t know


AS (49), perpetrator of sexual abuse of minors at police headquarters in West Jakarta, Monday (19/7). Photo: Public Relations of the West Jakarta Metro Police

jpnn.com, JAKARTA BARAT – Police have revealed new facts about the case of a man with the initials AS (49) who had the heart to rape his stepdaughter, STA (15), in the Tambora neighborhood of West Jakarta.

The man who committed the immoral act was arrested by the police on Friday (16/7).

West Jakarta’s deputy chief of police AKBP Bismo Teguh told police that the perpetrator admitted to harassing the victim since 2018. The victim was 12 years old at the time.

Based on this confession, it is estimated that the perpetrator harassed the victim hundreds of times. The victim lived with her mother and the perpetrator.

The three often sleep together due to limited space. Every night it turns out that the perpetrator has always abused the victim without his wife’s knowledge.

“The suspect can commit immorality towards the victim two to three times a week. So if you count three years, it could be hundreds of times,” Bismo said in a written statement, Monday (7/19).

Bismo added that for three years, the perpetrators had committed these depraved acts against the victim in two locations.

“First, it is rented in the Jelambar area, Grogol Petamburan. Second, it is rented in the Tambora area, West Jakarta,” Bismo said.



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