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This clown car of cooks collides with Pelosis’ January 6 commission


Trump flunky Kevin McCarthy, rarely known for effective leadership, does his best to undermine Nancy Pelosi’s speaker, even before the opening chamber comes down Tuesday at her consolation hearings, which examine January 6 – a replacement for the 9/11 independent commission , which attacked justified, but Republicans killed, even before it was born.

The House’s minority “leader” has assigned a clown car with representatives with poor performance, questionable character and a penchant for cheap theater. Not one of them voted on the committee they sign up for. Three of the five voted to overthrow the election of Joe Biden after the mob stormed the Capitol to try to lynch Pelosi or Mike Pence and overthrow the election. Everyone was elected after McCarthy met with Donald Trump at his Bedminsters Club.

McCarthy’s position goes from the right – Jim Banks is chairman of the Conservative Republican Study Committee – to the far right wing of Ohio’s Jim Jordan, the founder of Freedom Caucus and Trump’s toughest defender known for legislating in shirts. Liz Cheney, who was demoted from her third role in the Republican election because she called Trump’s big lie before and after Jan. 6, and as Pelosi had already mentioned to the Commission, had been with “The Fucking Guy Jim Jim . The bitch son ”when the mob invaded on 6 January.

According to one of the many new books on Trump’s disastrous last year, she recalled that “While these lunatics are walking through the place, I’m standing in the aisle, and he said, ‘We need to get the ladies off the aisle. Let me help. you.’ I slapped his hand away and told him, ‘Get away from me. You fucking did.’ “

Now the two will be in the same Commission and investigate what it is he Fing did. The other Republicans who join Gym Jordan, as he is known, are unknown. The only one with a criminal record – at least as far as we know – is the rep. Troy Nehls. He destroyed evidence in his first police job in Richmond, Texas, then lied about it after he was fired for getting his next police job. He was also officially quoted as drinking, having a side job, chronic non-compliance with orders, going to shops and restaurants at work, giving civilians driving in his cruise, taking a picture of an anti-Trump bumper sticker in hopes of getting one land charges to file charges, and over and over again.

Nehls, a member of the Army Reserve who served combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, said in the midst of the Capitol invasion that he was “proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Capitol Police” and that “violence is never the answer” There is a iconic image of him standing next to two officers with their cannons drawn inside the house chamber as he speaks to the attackers through broken windows.

But like McCarthy, he quickly recovered from his initial shock and returned to his kneeling position at Trump’s altar. After declaring that “what I am witnessing is a disgrace” in the midst of the attack, he immediately voted to challenge the election result in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

The Republicans, now accused of investigating what happened during this invasion, are united in urging us all to come together and move on; nothing to see here. After his election, ranking member Banks said “Make no mistake, Nancy Pelosi set up this committee solely to malign conservatives and justify left-wing authoritarian agenda.”

By accusing the left of being authoritarian, Banks is projecting his the party’s support for a proto-fascist attempt to overthrow an election for his enemies. And just because McCarthy sends a couple of clowns to do it, there’s nothing to investigate here, does not mean Democrats do not want their hands full. Like the AOC, which did not want to demean itself by discussing Marjorie Taylor Greene, Democrats are caught between trying not to sink in to constantly fight Republicans, but do not want to leave their lies lying on the record, uncorrected.

They have to call out their fictions and then quickly return to work to get to what the GOP is trying to keep secret: what did they know and when did they know about the mob’s “spontaneous” plans for an invasion? when the attackers with weapons and pre-printed t-shirts were busted into the city? Who got them in reconnaissance before the attack? Who gave up maps of underground tunnels and the road to the speaker office? Where are the visitor logs and emails? Who could have demanded reinforcement but chose not to do so?

We know Trump, who never so much checked in with Pence as the mob man chased after him, McCarthy called in the midst of the bloody attack. Did the “leader”, that weasel, even ask the president to abolish his supporters? We do not know the answer to that, but the committee should find out. What we do know is that Trump did not reject them.

All the while, Democrats need to be aware that the clock is not ticking at a chess match, but a fierce hockey game. It does not take long for Republicans to pronounce the hearings boring.

There may be two token moderates among McCarthy Five, depending on your definition of moderate. Since he will hardly be heard from if his more soluble colleagues have anything to say about it, you need to meet the rep. Rodney Davis of the House Management Committee, whose portfolio includes underground parking spaces. There is also the first term rep. Kelly Armstrong, whose position in a letter signed by seven colleagues should agree with Trump’s big lie, but claim that Congress could not stop the stealing because it lacked authority.

If Pelosi does not do anything about McCarthy’s election, they will join her appointments – seven Democrats plus Cheney – as the first witnesses testify. They will be police officers on duty that day – men and women in blue Republicans support when they turn traffic jams into justified killings, but not when they are bloody and beaten by Trump supporters. First among them is DC police officer Michael Fanone, who asked for his life for fear of it that day.

McCarthy, who said on January 6 that Trump bore some responsibility for what had happened, is now determined to prevent Trump from being held accountable and obscure the historic record. He only takes this congressional effort seriously, insofar as he actively aims to derail it by appointing a crew whose members are unaware, well, or hope that those who do not investigate history are doomed to repeat it .



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