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They revealed that the largest ant colony in the world lives in Argentina


There are natural phenomena that never cease to amaze. And some of them happen in Argentina. In recent hours it was known that the largest ant colony in the world is located in our country. It is specific to the species “linepithema humble”, which inhabits the northeast of the national territory.

The data was revealed by the Twitter account the ant man (The ant man), who also describes in detail the enormous distance they travel. “The largest ant colony is in Argentina and is more than 6,000 kilometers long. It’s about the same distance from England to Philadelphia in North America.”, illustrated. The fascinating thing is that each specimen of this species is 3 millimeters long, making the number of ants that make up the colony incalculable.

According to news published on the UBA website in recent years, Argentine ants have crossed all boundaries over the past century and a half. Both naturally and with the cooperation of humans, they managed to leave their native region to conquer the world. a) Yes, the basin of Río de la Plata is the main exit door for the most invasive ants on the planetsaid Luis Calcaterra, CONICET researcher, at the Foundation for the Study of Invasive Species (FUEDEI) in Hurlingham, Buenos Aires Province.

Most invasive ants originate from South America: by 1999, more than 40 species had left the continent, including five from Argentina. “We are exporters of ants,” Calcaterra told the UBA website, explaining that the introduced populations could have arisen naturally in the floodplains of the Paraná and Paraguay rivers.

So, the five species exported from our country are known in the world for the harm they cause: the Argentine ant (Linepithema humile), the red fire ant (Solenopsis invicta), the little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata), the black fire ant (Solenopsis ritcheri) and the South American big-headed ant (Pheidole obscurithorax). The first three are on the list of the 100 most harmful exotics to humans, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They sometimes cause irreversible damage to ecosystems and affect other insects and arachnids.

This is how the Australian city of Melbourne explained its experiences in 2004: A team of biologists from Monash University discovered a giant colony of Argentine ants (“Iridomyrmex humilis”) stretching from the northwest to the south of the city. The colony was installed over 100 kilometers and experts assured it posed a threat to native plants and animals. The specimens of ants found in Melbourne show a different behavior than their counterparts in Argentina, where the colonies of this specimen are characterized by a naturally aggressive behavior and are concentrated around 10 meters in diameter. Melbourne ants are not characterized by aggressive behaviour, they do not fight with each other and they reproduce at a high rate.

soccer memes

Sure, The Ant Guy didn’t imagine all the comments his post generated. Is that his account has been full of football commentary, ever since the Argentines started celebrating the data on the largest colony in the world and linking it to Maradona, Messi, the recent acquisition of the Copa América by the national team or just “because Argentina it is always the best country”.

“Everything has to be first hand with Scalo”, the user noted Attempt by musician.

Similarly, another user compared the ant colony to the full Boca stadium.

In turn, “MansoMomento” joked that Argentina, because it has the largest ant colony in the world, Messi and Maradona, “The Chosen People.”


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