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“The vaccine sets you free”, photomontage with Auschwitz. The Deputy Mayor has removed the proxies – Corriere.it


The vaccine sets you free. With the image of the entrance to an Auschwitz concentration camp. controversy over the post Novax of the deputy mayor of bitagno, a town near Acqui Terme, in the province of Alexandria. Riccardo Blengio on his Facebook profile published the image recalling the writing Work makes you free (work makes you free). To a comment Blengio replies that no, not vaccinated and not. The photo accompanied by a comment from the Deputy Mayor himself: Summary of these days. I am one of those who will be locked up, sooner or later Blengio wrote in a comment below the post to those who asked him if he had been vaccinated. In addition to deputy mayor, elected on a citizen list, also Alderman for Culture and contact person for the Montana Community. Among the comments someone wrote An automatic generator of writings on the Auschwitz gate would be needed.

At the end of an informal city council which ended in the late evening of today, July 19, the mayor of Bistagno, Roberto Vallegra, therefore decided in accordance with the shareholders’ meeting of remove the proxies of the deputy mayor Riccardo Blengio. He has betrayed my trust, I find the whole affair a serious lack of respect Mayor Vallegra responds to Italpress. You may be against vaccines, but you can’t be a public administrator committed to a vaccine hub of your own in a municipality like ours, he adds.

The first to reply was Federico Fornaro, group leader in the Chamber of LeuAmazed, I read the post of Deputy Mayor of a municipality, Bistagno, in which the mayor has worked for weeks, along with many volunteers and health workers, to set up a vaccination center that is also available to other municipalities. That unworthy photo montage, an insult to the memory of the Holocaust which, moreover, fuels a negative vaccine climate that has nothing to do with scientific dialectics. Posting images like this – said Fornaro – iincompatible with the role of public administrator. I hope that the person concerned will take the consequences by resigning and if not, the mayor will dismiss his delegation as deputy mayor. How can a mayor commendably involved in the vaccination campaign – Fornaro concluded – be on the same council with a deputy publishing similar historical obscenities of an overtly No Vax type?

The Mayor: He will no longer be a councilor

A message that has caused quite a stir. The mayor of the municipality of Acquese, Roberto Vallegra, he immediately distanced himself from his colleague’s behaviour. My intention to remove Deputy Mayor Blengio’s proxies – the mayor had in fact underlined -. Regardless of whether Blengio himself wants to delete his post or not. I have received calls from local, regional and national politicians, from various political groups, both center right and center left. They also agree with my decision. I am also grateful for recognizing my government’s good work against the pandemic. Tonight I will informally convene the City Council, including Blengio herself, to inform all of its members of my intentions. We will proceed with the revocation of the proxies as soon as technical times permit.

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July 19, 2021 | 15:38


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