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the toxicological results within 15 days – Corriere.it


Im“Partial and not sufficient to elucidate causes of death” the results of the autopsy on the body of Libero De Rienzo. The investigation conducted today by the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Gemelli Polyclinic casts doubt on what led to the death of the 44-year-old actor, who was found lifeless in his Roman home, in the Madonna del Riposo area, not solved. the evening of July 15 last. As to the reasons for the cardiac arrest, answers will come from the toxicology tests ordered by the Rome prosecutor, which is investigating deaths as a result of another crime. Today, the team of forensic doctors to whom the deputy prosecutor Francesco Minisci entrusted the report continued with the samples to check whether the main character of “Fortapasc” had taken drugs in the hours leading up to his death. The results of the assessment will be made available to the magistrates in fourteen days. Indeed, during the inspection conducted by the investigators, traces of heroin were found immediately after the body was discovered, but this is not enough for those investigating it to confirm that the death is related to drug use. Also because an initial external examination of the body would not have found any traces of narcotics.

Libero De Rienzo, who died at the age of 44: the insights

The director’s family continues to demand respect and silence about the investigation and in recent days he had stated that the actor had not taken drugs for some time. However, the investigation continues and aims to describe the contacts that De Rienzo had in the 48 hours before his death. According to what the coroner has determined, the actor died at least 24 hours before his discovery, and therefore, from July 10, the investigators want to “crystallize” the contacts of “Picchio”. In this fundamental area will be the analysis of the mobile phone and personal computer in the apartment. Smartphones and PCs made available to investigators to verify the plaintiff’s phone calls and messages in the web messaging programs. “This is a practice we always follow in these cases,” they explain from Piazzale Clodio, but it seems clear that the goal is to understand who gave De Rienzo the drug that was later found in the apartment. In recent days, the carabinieri have held a series of hearings, friends and relatives of De Rienzo, also to try to understand whether the man was going through a difficult phase psychologically. At this point, the family’s lawyer, the lawyer Piergiorgio Assumma, in a note released yesterday asked everyone “more behavior, not only with regard to relatives, but also with regard to Picchio’s two children, aged 2 and 6 respectively. The presence of the two minors requires and will always require a higher level of human quality ». By tomorrow, in the meantime, the magistrates will authorize the return of the body to continue with the burial. The actor’s body is buried in Paternopoli (AV), in Irpinia, next to his mother.

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