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The story of the “cute thief”… Clean the house, feed the cats and leave! – Our life – Destinations


A couple from the US state of New Jersey were surprised to find that a stranger broke into their home while they were away, but he didn’t steal anything but cleaned and tidied the house and provided food for the cats, then left.

According to the American TV channel (WECT), which aired the investigative report, the unknown intruder is a person named “Louis Angelino III” who is cleaning his friends’ apartments to make money.

He thought he was cleaning his friend Mark’s apartment, but he entered the wrong place and when he got to the door, he searched under the mop for the key, as Mark asked. Coincidentally, he had already found a key there, so he went in and started working.

Angelino told about “Tik Tok” that when he was done, he got a call from his friend asking if everything was going well, and he replied, “I’m in your living room right now waiting for you to come home. And play with your cats But Mark replied, “But I don’t have a cat.”

When the couple returned, they found their apartment had been thoroughly cleaned, without understanding what had happened. After a while, Angelino called his “victims” and explained everything.

After this story spread, Angelino received several requests for his cleaning services and says the accident could be the boost he needs to grow his own business.

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