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The Ras Al Khaimah Municipality reported that as part of the development of working systems in the slaughterhouses of the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, and in order to implement the precautionary measures to prevent the Corona virus, the central slaughterhouse will be working with a text message system, with a queuing system for delivering and receiving carcasses, to reduce the waiting time for the people and maintain their safety and health.

She explained that paths will be built for the entry and exit of vehicles to and from the slaughterhouse and livestock market to avoid delays and congestion, pointing out that the road to the slaughterhouse starts in the direction of the Al-Flayya area of ​​Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Street so that the offerer takes the road leading to the cattle market to buy offerings, and after Buy them goes to a special gate for the slaughter of sacrificial cows, or the other gate for the delivery and slaughter of small offerings of sheep.

She added that the sacrificed person must go to the cash register to pay the slaughter money and receive tickets, as the sacrificer’s number will be registered in the slaughterhouse’s system, and he will immediately receive a text message on his phone, congratulated him on the holiday and informed him that the transaction had been received, linked to her number, to indicate that after receiving the message, the offerer should go to the sheep or cow drop-off place to take his offering to the slaughterhouse to the slaughterhouse.

She stated that the sacrifice will be received, examined by veterinarians and numbered, provided that the offerer gives a copy of the tickets to the specialist doctor and goes directly to the exit with his vehicle without dismounting, so that he passes through a mandatory highway to the area to receive the offerings.

She explained that once the offerer arrives at the area of ​​receiving the offering, the offering number will be confirmed and matched with the number on the ticket in order for the person being sacrificed to his offering and it in his vehicle by the authorized worker, with applying the precautions and preventive measures, noting that the offerer will leave the place afterwards. Through the exit gate upon receipt of his offering, he will receive a text message on his phone, stating that his transaction has been completed in full. She indicated that the slaughterhouses of Ras Al Khaimah and Al Ghayl will operate at full capacity during the Eid al-Adha holiday, and that the two slaughtered people can slaughter their sacrifices at the two slaughterhouses to avoid crowds and delays.

• Paths for vehicles to enter and exit the slaughterhouse and livestock market to avoid delays and congestion.

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