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Taxi accident victim left with R26K damage, theft case opened against him


Cape Town – Philippi East SAPS tries to resolve a dispute over a car accident after an e-hailing taxi driver crashed into a man.

The incident happened on Stock Road in Philippi East on June 19, when the taxi rammed into a VW Polo after trying to dodge another car.

Mihlali Mbizo, the driver of the Polo Classic, says the owner has now refused to pay for the damage and has instead opened a theft case against him because the driver left the damaged taxi, a Honda Amaze, at his home.

“He kept calling Elize, who said she would be there in two minutes, but never came,” he says.

Mihlali says they eventually decided to tow the car to his house because no one was injured in the accident.

Injured: Mihlali Mbizo Photo: Includede

But the next day, the driver collided with police after filing a theft charge for the Honda.

An angry Mihlai explains: “The driver said he just did what any employee would do to keep his job, even if it means making a false statement at the same police station that has the accident report and that knows where the cars were kept. . .

“It will cost about R26 000 to repair the damage.”

The driver, Trust Gevi, says his boss, Elize Faivelowitz, told him to open a theft case.

“I was in the fast lane and a vehicle was approaching so I turned around, went into the left lane and accidentally hit his car/

“I explained everything to my boss, but she said we had to open a case because Mihlali had no right to tow her car to his house,” Trust said.

Elize told the Daily Voice: “He (Mihlali) kept threatening him, so we had to open a case and pick up the car.

“I told him the insurance would investigate and pay out if my driver was at fault, but he’s demanding cash.”

Police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk confirmed that both cases have been opened at Philippi East SAPS and are under investigation.



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