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Space Jam 2 A New Legacy Easter Eggs And Details


Alternative movie title: “Harry Potter joins the Toon team.”

And the sheer number of comos and Easter eggs in this movie makes your jaw hit the floor.

Fortunately, amateur detectives over Twitter have helped us unpack the dozens of cameos, most of which come from the DEEP vault of Warner Brothers properties.

So here are the tweets with all the details:


To start, there was a look at Big Chungus (aka Fat Bugs Bunny), the famous internet meme.

I saw the new Space Jam today, and in the movie, Bugs becomes Big Chungus, and a kid in the theater lost his shit so hard that his mother had to take him out. I forgot the whole movie at home.

Twitter: @yoshexe


We also got several old-school Looney Tunes Easter eggs like this picture of Yosemite Sam in the barber shop.

The portrait of Yosemite Sam in the background is an edited version of his scene from the Looney Tunes Show. I’m surprised I was even able to notice it. #SpaceJam

Twitter: @ El_Omar2203


Or the look of the Nintendo Game Boy game Crazy Castle who starred Bugs Bunny.

Okay, sorry sorry, DOR, Space Jam 2 spoilers are coming in. I can not place pictures in a spoiler tag, but I have to talk …. . …. I’m losing my mind over how Crazy Castle is a plot in LeBron’s origin story. Like, not even a fun Easter egg in the background, ACTUALLY DELIVERED SCREEN TIME

Twitter: @Nirbion


As well as references to LeBron’s career.

As much as the new “Space Jam” tries to glorify LeBron, it contains at least one early real life scene: Young LeBron misses one last second shot. Yes, it started early.

Twitter: @RealSkipBayless


And this from TNT, as something tells me, was less planned in advance than the Nike chip.

Twitter: @tntdrama


My future husband, Steven Yeun, appeared briefly as Warner Bros. Director.

Twitter: @ DINDJ4RIN


And Don Cheadle dressed up as Bill Belichick.

Little nod to Bill Belichick in the new Space Jam movie. Although they have the dreaded hoodie that coaches Goon Squad 😭

Twitter: @ SpikeKing76


The WB water tower can be seen in the background.

The water tower is also in Space Jam. I was so happy when I saw the water tower, the animaniacs are my favorite program.

Twitter: @ _CJ2468


Da Warner Bros. owns DC Comics, so we saw lots of DC characters show up, like when Bugs and LeBron fought crime like Batman and Robin.

If there’s one thing I learned after watching ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ is that LeBron is a Robin and he will never be a Batman.

Twitter: @bayoonds


Or when Batman himself appeared in the audience for the last basketball game.

Twitter: @ M0zZY2025


As can two different versions of Batman’s nemesis the Penguin.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait … is that DANNY DeVITO * AND * BURGESS MEREDITH PENGUINS ?! AND THE MASK? !!! #SpaceJam

Twitter: @darthramious


And even this random guy from Batman returns is here.

@mrsundaymovies @wikipediabrown #weeklyplanetpod just wanted to point out that the new Space Jam included the guy Batman set on fire in Batman Returns

Twitter: @Live_FMPB


Warner Bros. took advantage of their Harry Potter properties and included Lord Voldemort as a basketball spectator.

Did you all see #voldemort in #SpaceJamANewLegacy?!?! @spacejammovie #harrypotter #easteregg #cameo #SpaceJam

Twitter: @BowDownToGabe


And we learn that LeBron is actually a Hufflepuff.

@RachelLoveDisny saw space jam …. Harry Potter scene .. he’s in Hufflepuff! WE GET LEBRON FREAKING JAMES BABY !!!!!!!

Twitter: @ sodalite64


And then the War Boys show up for the game.

I’m sure others have pointed this out, but are they the FURY ROAD War Boys in the new SPACE JAM? Odd. (But if Leto Joker shows up and talks about range with Elmer Fudd? Instant Five Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Twitter: @neuroticmonkey


They imprisoned Yosemite Sam in Casablanca.

Oh. Mine. God. I do not even know what to say … this has left me literally speechless. #SpaceJamANewLegacy #Casablanca #SpaceJam #SpaceJamMovie # SpaceJam2

Twitter: @ jpooch21


And of course, the film’s iconic line rebuilt.

Say what you want about the new Space Jam movie, but I’m still dead of Casablanca / Yosemite Sam bit “Play it, Sam”

Twitter: @ katalves18c


People were especially excited about GoT references (and of course the dragons).

Twitter: @kwhitesays


King Kong and Iron Giant saw LeBron fight his son on the field.

I watched the Space Jam 2 trailer again and I noticed the moment King Kong and The Iron Giant fist pumped.

Twitter: @LazybonesInc


Although this version of Iron Giant actually appears to be from Ready Player One.

The funniest thing about Iron Giant in Space Jam 2 is that they even reuse his CGI model from Ready Player One.

Twitter: @ACriticalHuman


Gremlins also showed up.

Space Jam: A New Legacy was fun. Some funny moments, some I rolled my eyes at, but by and large a pleasant sequel. However, I still prefer #SpaceJam. Loved watching Stripe & amp; two Gremlins before the Dom-Ball basketball game as well. #SpaceJamMovie #SpaceJamANewLegacy # SpaceJam2

Twitter: @ BigDoots1982


… who treated us with the slogan from Friday evening light, the show where he started.

when michael b jordan appeared in jam in the room and made the Friday night lights “clear eyes full of hearts …” sang I was the only person in the theater who shouted back “CAN’T TAKE”

Twitter: @spidermannwh

Did you notice something we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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