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Revised UI statute, this is a change in the matter of the rectorate department of UI Page all


JAKARTA, COMPASS.com – The government has revised the Government Ordinance (PP) No. 68 of 2013 to PP No. 75 of 2021 regarding the statute of the University of Indonesia (UI).

In the previous regulation, namely Article 35(c) of PP 68 of 2013, the Chancellor is prohibited from holding concurrent positions as an officer of a BUMN/BUMD company.

Regarding the violation of this Statute, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia said that UI Chancellor Ari Kuncoro had maladjusted administration for violating PP 68/2013.

In short, on the basis of the PP, the Rector and Vice-Chancellor of UI is prohibited from serving as civil servants in BUMN/BUMD or the private sector at the same time,” RI ombudsman Yeka Hendra Fatika said on Tuesday (6/29/). 2021).

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“This means that the UI Chancellor has not properly adjusted the board, as it clearly violates the applicable provisions,” Yeka said.

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Meanwhile, in the new regulation, PP 75/2021 Article 39, simultaneous functions in BUMN/BUMN are prohibited only for drivers.

This means that there is a gap for concurrent functions in other functions as it is not mentioned in the article.

The following is a comparison of the content of the article that prohibits duplicate positions:

PP 58/2013 reads, The Chancellor and the Deputy Chancellor are prohibited from serving simultaneously as:

a. civil servants in other educational units, both government and community-run

b. officials in government agencies, both central and regional;

c. officials in state/regional or private business entities;

d. members of political parties or organizations affiliated with political parties; and/or

e. officers in other positions who have a conflict of interest with UI.

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While the revision of the UI statute, Article 39(c) of PP 75 of 2021 reads: The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, university secretaries and heads of agencies are prohibited from serving simultaneously as:

a. structural officials at other universities, organized by government or community;

b. structural officials in central and regional government agencies;

c. directors of state/regional or private companies; or

d. directors/members of political parties or organizations directly affiliated with political parties

The review was confirmed by the chairman of the UI Board of Trustees, Saleh Husin, after confirmation by Kompas.com, Monday (20/7/2021) night.

“As far as I know, the process has taken a very long time from the end of 2019 if I am not mistaken,” Saleh said.

Based on PP 75/2021 received from Kompas.com, one of the things that has been revised in the UI statute is the rule regarding double rector positions and UI structural positions.



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