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Pillory because against the refugees: all acquitted


It’s 2017, the Venice he experiences the full immigration bomb. Immigrants and asylum seekers flock to former military bases. With centers that can hold even 1600 people, stacked in the various tent cities. These centers are run by golden egg cooperatives, which have found that more business is done with migrants than with library reading and courses for children in the patronage. It had happened, for example, in Conetta, in the Venetian. Periods when the former military base, in a remote village in the middle of the fields that counts the sunset hours of 196 souls, had started to contain 1600 migrants. The Giornale.it he had gone several times to document the actual situation.

But let’s go back to our story. In 2017, a group of protesters from the “Roncolevà sticks his head” committee opposed the arrival of about 40 refugees Roncolevà of Trevenzuolo in the province Verona. They were not so much against the migrants themselves, but against the trade of people who took advantage of the skin of these poor people. But from there. From there, in the country where it is allowed to demonstrate for the rights of migrants, but it is not allowed to demonstrate against those who have made a real turnover at the reception, from there a generic report starts via email, without acknowledging individual responsibilities, explains everything Giornale.it, melawyer Andrea Bacciga, a criminal lawyer in Verona who went on to defend most of the defendants in this trial. The prosecutor then opened an investigation.

Among the charges was the fact that these people allegedly “attacked asylum seekers, threw rocks and bricks at the cooperative president’s cars, smashed windshields, sounded vehicle horns, horns, megaphones continuously day and night.” And then again: shouts launched, laser beams aimed, fireworks launched, the cooperative manager insulted. The first hearing is on February 18, 2020.

Meanwhile, the defendants appear in all the local newspapers, complete with first and last names. A real siege, according to the prosecutor’s office, carried out by a group that, according to prosecutors, was infused with alleged purposes of racial hatred. For these protests, the prosecutor demanded 32 years in prison for 19 of the 22 defendants. The charge was participation in an organization whose object was to incite discrimination or violence on racial, ethnic, national or religious grounds. The aggravating circumstance that Mancino’s law essentially provides. The insulting post was: “On Monday 3rd July we will all defend Roncolevà against the hospitality industry. Roncolevà in revolt … ” Then the post continues: “The population is more determined than ever to counter the new business that speculates on the skin of migrants and weighs economically and socially on the shoulders of citizens.”

Well, on July 13, the defendants were all acquitted. It is not known who committed these acts. The lawyer Bacciga writes on Facebook: “A lawsuit born against those who oppose the catering industry. The defendants were beaten in the newspapers with photos, first and last names. Convicted before he is judged. Today they were acquitted. All. Who will apologize to them now?” “A big win over the trial – he notes – with rather incomplete investigations, involving people, even of a certain age, totally uncensored and innocent. That protest had no discriminatory basis. It was born to repeat the firm “no” to the hospitality industry.

Now. To these people, who gives back these years of defending themselves for crimes they didn’t commit? Injustice isn’t just in movies. Then when they touch you, they really exist.


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