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Often forgotten SEO audit questions to improve your performance [Podcast]


Our host Loren Baker joined with SEO analyst and expert Joe Hall of Hall Analysis. Joe shared his insights and all the information needed to perform a successful SEO audit. What makes a website stand out? Are you-or your customers-working hard to make your presence known?

With Joe’s extensive experience in working with the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups, strategy formulation and in-depth SEO analysis are in his alley.

In this episode, Joe inspired us with often forgotten SEO audit questions, such as: how to identify your limitations, have strategic and tactical thinking, establish best practices, and more!


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  • 0:00 Host introduction
  • 0:20 Memories
  • 1:43 Does Joe use Ahrefs?
  • 3:05 Back when Joe started working on SEO
  • 4:14 Who is Joe Hall
  • 7:52 Processing the client’s website
  • 13:01 The truth about audit tools
  • 17:15 Strategies for customers to perform SEO audits and how to talk to developers to provide more capabilities and credibility
  • 25:35 Joe’s Marketing
  • 28:19 Thoughts on doing redirects
  • 34:16 Develop a redirection plan
  • 42:30 Joe’s views on the core update summer
  • 48:10 Summary KPI
  • 54:39 ​​Performing changes in SEO roles and AI
  • 1:00:23 SEO energy optimization

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