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Off-duty DEA agent brought his government-issued gun to the Capitol riot, prosecutors say


An off-duty special agent from the Drug Enforcement Agency carried his government-issued firearm while attending the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to court documents released Tuesday. Prosecutors say he posed for photos as he flashed his DEA badge and climbed the Peace Monument to film himself giving a “monologue.”

Mark Ibrahim, of Orange County, California, was arrested Tuesday and charged with four crimes, including making a false statement and carrying a firearm in trespassing.

Court documents said Ibrahim entered restricted areas outside the US Capitol shortly after being broken through by the mob, posting a photo next to one of the metal barricades that had recently been pulled apart. Prosecutors also said he sent photos of himself inside the Capitol to a group chat on WhatsApp with at least five other law enforcement officers.

One of the officers who took part in the chat wrote, “Question mark, are you carrying your service weapon and your badge/creds? I need to know this sign.”

Prosecutors said Ibrahim posted a photo next to one of the metal barricades recently torn apart by the mob.

Department of Justice

Indictment documents described Ibrahim as a “probationary worker” of the DEA, a federal law enforcement agency within the Department of Justice, and said he had announced his intention to resign weeks before the attack on the Capitol. The DEA did not immediately respond to CBS News’ request for comment.

In March, Ibrahim gave a voluntary interview to the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s office and reportedly admitted to carrying his DEA credentials, DEA badge, and firearm on Jan. 6, but denied them during exposed the event. According to his indictment documents, he told investigators, “I had my creds. I had my firearm and my badge with me… But never exposed… Not that I know of.”

Prosecutors said multiple photos show him posing for the camera while displaying his badge and service weapon.

Prosecutors said Ibrahim posed for photos throughout the day, sometimes flashing his DEA badge and service weapon at the camera.

Department of Justice

He is also said to have told investigators that the FBI had asked his friend to document the events at the Capitol, and said he was going with his friend to help with that effort.

However, the friend told the agent of the Inspector General’s office that he had not been to the Capitol in any formal capacity for the FBI, saying that Ibrahim had made up that story to “cover his ass.” The friend also said Ibrahim had gone to the rally to promote himself: he wanted to launch a political podcast and cigar brand “Liberty Tavern” and hoped the protests would be a launch phase, the friend said.

Prosecutors said photos of Ibrahim, like this one, which have been cropped, were of such high resolution that Ibrahim’s firearm and DEA badge were easily visible.

Department of Justice

In the afternoon, Ibrahim climbed atop the Peace Monument, which stands west of the Capitol, and filmed himself “holding a monologue,” prosecutors said. Bicycle rack barricades used to surround the Peace Monument, but Ibrahim’s video showed they had been pulled apart.

After Ashli ​​Babbitt was shot by police that afternoon, prosecutors say she was transported “in steps” of Ibrahim while she was being loaded into an ambulance. Ibrahim’s friend, who was standing next to him, filmed her being ushered past them, and Ibrahim posted the video to his WhatsApp group chat, court documents show.

Ibrahim is also said to have been photographed carrying two flags: a so-called “Troutman flag” with the words “Liberty or Death” and a so-called “Betsy Ross” flag, which a co-worker with the age of slavery.



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