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Obligation of “delivery companies” to issue a food transport license and a medical examination for the drivers – places – other


The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has established a set of requirements that organizations dealing with the management of requests for transport and delivery of food and restaurant meals must meet, which require these institutions to obtain an annual license for all resources for the food delivery from the food delivery research and registration centers approved by the food safety department in Dubai Municipality, pre-registration in the FOOD WATCH platform, meeting the requirements of the food safety department and committing to certain conditions for the selection of drivers , the most prominent of which are not less than 21 years old, to undergo an annual professional medical examination, and to receive a sufficient period of training to handle transported material according to safety standards.

The authority announced a few days ago that it had issued a guide to managing transport and delivery requests via electronic platforms and smart applications, an electronic copy of which was reviewed by Emirates Today.

The guide sets out a number of requirements and standards, which have been approved in collaboration with a number of relevant authorities and which are binding on institutions engaged in the above activities immediately after the expiry of the period set for them to change their status, which is expected to will last until early next year, according to previous statements by the authority.

The authority has announced that a regulatory agreement will be signed with any facility or institution that agrees to implement and comply with the requirements, so that the agreement ensures that each party obtains its rights.

Turnout has risen over the past year for applications for consumer goods, food and restaurant meals via electronic platforms and smart applications, in the wake of closures, restrictions on movement, remote working and health isolation measures put in place to limit the spread of the Corona pandemic.

The criteria specified in the guide require that the applicant for the work permit is committed to the transportation activity, to provide the necessary systems and approvals to carry out the activity of organization and delivery services, and to comply with the relevant requirements that have been established by the licensing authority of the authority, such as linking with operating systems, providing data, paying any approved fees and entering into necessary agreements. In addition to installing tracking equipment and training workers in the field.

The connection to the control systems of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai will be able to prevent the movement of delivery bicycles, except within specific paths, at a distance of delivery not exceeding 20 km, and so that a request cannot be sent to the driver except within a specific sector in which the driver works, and within short distances that ensure his safety and safe movable materials.

The obligations of establishments operating in the management of food transportation activities laid down in the guide include that all food establishments and food delivery service providers comply at all times with the requirements of the Food Safety System issued by the Dubai Municipality, and that food is delivered from approved sources by the Food Safety Department in the municipality, for example that the food delivery units have an appropriate capacity with the delivery requests during the food delivery, and that the food delivery unit is designed in such a way that the food is isolated from the environment, and the correct temperature of the food can be maintained, as well as that food is stored in a manner that prevents contamination from exposure to insect dust, fumes, sunlight, or other factors during food delivery. The standards also require that the outside and inside of the box and areas touched by hands must be properly cleaned and disinfected with Dubai Municipality approved cleaners and disinfectants before food is loaded.

8 conditions for choosing a driver

■ Have a driver’s license issued by the United Arab Emirates and a period of not less than a full year has passed since obtaining it.

■ Obtain proof of criminal investigation from Dubai Police General Command.

■ Pass the annual medical examination for obtaining the professional license issued by the Licensing Authority of the Roads and Transport Department.

■ Being under the sponsorship of his company as a driver.

■ The driver’s age must not be less than 21 years and not more than 55 years.

■ The obligation to wear the official uniform with the logo and name of the company licensed for the activity, and to maintain personal hygiene.

■ Obtain vocational training and a permit from the Licensing Authority of the Roads and Transport Agency.

■ When driving, observe the requirements and rules of traffic, public safety and health and wear the approved protective equipment.

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