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No evidence that Afghan envoy’s daughter was kidnapped: Pakistani police


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani police said on Monday they found no evidence that the Afghan ambassador’s daughter was kidnapped from the capital, an incident that has sparked a major diplomatic spat between the two neighboring countries.
Silsila Alikhil, the 26-year-old daughter of Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan, Najibullah Alikhil, was abducted, tortured and attacked by unknown persons in Islamabad on Friday. She was kidnapped while driving a rented vehicle and held for several hours before being released. She was found near F-9 Park in the capital with torture marks on her body.
During a press conference together with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and National Security Advisor (NSA) Moeed Yusuf, Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Qazi Jameelur Rehman said that police had collected the video footage from all the places that visited by the envoy’s daughter, including data collected from about 300 CCTV cameras in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
“We have used all our resources for the investigation … and have supported all law enforcement agencies,” he said, adding that the kidnapping had not yet been proven.
Rehman said police had analyzed all footage of the ambassador’s daughter’s movement on the day of the kidnapping, but “the impression (of her kidnapping) is not confirmed by the evidence we have collected,” the newspaper reported. dawn.
He said more than 220 people were interviewed and all images were analyzed that showed her where she was.
In a statement to police, Alikhil said she was going to buy a gift and hired a taxi. When he returned, after five minutes of driving, the driver stopped on the side of the road and another man burst in who yelled at her and then started beating her. “Because I was scared, I felt unconscious,” she said.
Alikhil said that after she regained consciousness, she was “in a place full of dirt”. Then she took a taxi to a nearby park from where she called her father’s colleague, who took her home.
The kidnapping and beatings have soured ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan. On Sunday, the diplomatic crisis between the two nations worsened after Kabul announced it would withdraw its ambassador and other senior personnel from Islamabad.
Pakistan also recalled its ambassador to Afghanistan for “consultations” over the alleged kidnapping and release of the Afghan envoy’s daughter.
During the press conference, Foreign Minister Qureshi said Pakistan is determined to bring the investigation to a logical conclusion at the earliest. He said the security of Afghan consulates and diplomatic personnel in Pakistan has been strengthened.
He said Afghan authorities want to send their teams to monitor the “security environment” and Islamabad has responded affirmatively to their request.
He asked the Afghan government to reconsider their decision to recall their ambassador. “We don’t intend to hide anything‚Ķ we need their cooperation to bring the investigation to a logical conclusion,” Qureshi said.
NSA Yusuf said Pakistan is in the midst of targeted “hybrid warfare” and an information war is being used against the country. He said the kidnapping incident was also used to tarnish Pakistan by creating a story against it.
He said all efforts were aimed at creating the impression that Pakistan was trying to destabilize Afghanistan and that the security situation in Pakistan was precarious.
“This is part of an orchestrated campaign that has opened several fronts against Pakistan,” he said.
Pakistan and Afghanistan often trade accusations, with Kabul claiming that Islamabad is sending thousands of militants to fight in the war-torn country and providing a safe haven for the Taliban.
Pakistan, in turn, claims that Afghanistan is home to the anti-Pakistani group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan – the Pakistani Taliban – as well as the separating Balochistan Liberation Army.
Afghanistan has seen an upsurge in violence following US President Joe Biden’s announcement of the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from the war-torn country.



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