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Nick Saban: Alabama’s Bryce Young earns close to ‘seven figures’ in NIL deals


Alabama sophomore quarterback Bryce Young has yet to start a game for Crimson Tide, but according to coach Nick Saban, he is already raking in nearly $ 1 million in offers under the new name, image and likeness (NIL) policy.

“Certain positions are likely to improve the chances of creating value, as a quarterback, and our quarterback (Young) has already approached ungodly numbers – I will not say what they are – and he has not even played yet. Has not even started, Said Saban at the Texas High School Coaches Association’s annual convention Tuesday. “… There are nearly seven figures. And it’s like the guy has not even played yet. But it’s because of our brand. “

Young, Alabama’s presumed starter for the 2021 season, played in seven games in 2020 as Mac Jones’ backup and attempted 22 passes. He was a five-star recruit and the biggest player in the 2nd class in class 2020 per. 247Sports’ composite assessment.

College athletes in all states are now able to receive compensation for their names, photos and similarities following a temporary policy that went into effect July 1st. The next day, Young signed with the Creative Artists Agency to work with him on his marketing deals.

“You have to understand that everyone has different options, in terms of what will happen here,” Saban said. “Everything in college football, everything in high school football has always been equal for everyone. It will not be like that anymore.”

“Aaron Rodgers earns $ 24 million a year and probably earns millions of dollars in endorsements because he is a quarterback,” he added. “The real guard probably earns a million dollars a year and he doesn’t get money for endorsements. The same thing will happen to our team.”

Asked later Tuesday about Saban’s comment, Ole Miss head coach and former Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin told reporters: “That number just blew me away. (Young has earned a million dollars and has yet to start a game.”

Kiffin returned to the subject unsolicited later in the press conference after being asked an unrelated question.

“I’m still blown away by this Bryce Young,” Kiffin said. “This guy has already earned a million dollars? That’s good, man. He does not have to play next year against us, then.


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