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Mentana Study, “The Giuseppe Conte Effect”. Big bang M5s, because it’s bad news for Draghi – Libero Quotidiano


In swg survey for the TgLa7 from Enrico Mentana an abrupt change of the political scenario. After weeks of black crisis, it coincided with the internal feud, the 5 star movement raises his head and thanks to dragging the inauguration of Giuseppe Contea it goes back strong within a week. All this while in the head they both brake a little Giorgia Melonic turn into Matteo Salvini.

The feud between Grillo and Conte kills the M5s: the numbers, a criminal investigation in every scenario.  And trust the lawyer...

The photo, in detail, see Brothers of Italy already 20.5% a drop of 0.3 percent in one week. Behind the Melonians there is always League substantially stable on 20.1%, dropped by just a tenth of a point. The gap with the pd: the dem, always third, increased by 0.2 and is already 19.1%, a dry point behind Salvini. As mentioned, however, the 5 stars dominate the evening. According to Swg, Conte once (for now) archived the fierce war with Beppe Grillo and aside from the recurring rumors of splits and personal celebrations, it lifts the 5 stars from the abyss into which they sank: the move is now on 15.2%, still far from the top but the dry profit of 0.8 points in a week it is a good viaticum for the future. It will be necessary to see whether it was the sense of renewed stability that paid off or, conversely, the threat of barricades on justice and the more bellicose tones with Draghi that could be a thorn in the side of the former prime minister for his successor in Palazzo Chigi. The distinction is crucial.

How long will it bleed us?  Mario Draghi kills the M5s, the poll that causes the grillina psychosis: fear of the government

Little changes behind the first four parties in Italy. Come on Italy is now with 6.5%, registering a decrease of -0.3, while Courage Italy from Toti and Brugnaro earns 0.1 and rises to1.3%. Bushes left: Action di Calenda is already 4.1% (+0.2), Italy Viva from Matteo Renzi already 2.5% (+0.1), the Left di Fratoianni (in opposition) is already 2.4%, loss 0.3.



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