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Mark Cuban gives Cole Beasley vaccine ultimatum


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley Tuesday morning an offer he may not be able to refuse: a stake in Pfizer stock for his wife.

That’s only if Beasley keeps his promise to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and encourages others to get the vaccine on his social media accounts.

Pfizer was trading around $41 at the closing bell. Cuban’s appeal tweet, disguised as a proposal, came after Beasley’s ironic response to a ProFootballTalk tweet about NFL vaccine incentives.

“I will be vaccinated and will be a supporter of Pfizer putting a percentage of its vaccine revenue in my wife’s name,” the recipient tweeted.

Beasley has spoken out about his disdain for the NFL and NFLPA’s COVID-19 protocols and his reluctance to get the vaccine. He caused a stir in June when he said in a tweeted statement that he would take his risk with the virus by eating better, drinking more water and doing what he “deems necessary to be a healthy person”.

“I may die of covid, but I’d rather die really alive,” Beasley wrote in the statement.

The NFL’s protocols are strictest for unvaccinated personnel. Vaccinated individuals who have been exposed to the virus do not need to be quarantined if they are exposed to the virus, while those who have not been vaccinated must. Unless NFL team members have a religious or medical reason for not staying vaccinated, the NFL said it will not allow these individuals access to “football only” areas.

Beasley said the NFLPA was “a joke” for its protocols targeting unvaccinated players before sending out a series of tweets about his difficulties with the new guidelines.

If Beasley doesn’t take Cuban’s offer and get the chance, he will join Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold as another unvaccinated NFL player. Darnold admitted at a press conference during OTAs in June that he had not received the injection.

“I haven’t been vaccinated yet,” Darnold told reporters. ÔÇťAgain, it’s everyone’s choice whether they want to get vaccinated or not. That’s really all I have about it, I don’t want to go into detail, but yeah, I’m not vaccinated yet.”

Like Beasley’s comments, Darnold’s confession caused quite a stir. Beasley may not stay vaccinated heading into the upcoming NFL season. If so, his wife is missing out on the 3.78% dividend offered by Cuban Pfizer. The vaccine manufacturer traded at the closing bell for $41 on Tuesday.

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