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Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations now an option for movies, TV productions – deadline


Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations on film and television productions will now be allowed on a limited basis under a new agreement reached tonight between Hollywood unions and the big corporations. The new protocols, they said in a joint statement, would give producers “the opportunity to implement mandatory vaccination policies for castes and herds in zone A on a production-by-production basis.” Zone A, where non-masked actors work, is the most limiting of the safe work areas on set.

Last month, SAG-AFTRA adopted strict new guidelines for employers that can make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory as a condition of employment.

SAG-AFTRA adopts guidelines for employers who can make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory

Further changes to the protocols include testing frequency for certain areas in the United States and Canada, where Covid-19 prevalence is and remains very low, as well as changes in outdoor masking requirements and updated meal protocols.

Los Angeles Hospitals Affected

The agreement, which remains in force on September 30, 2021, was originally reached in September last year between the management’s Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers and DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, Teamsters and Basic Crafts. In the meantime, they say, they will “continue to closely monitor Covid-19 developments and will consider further changes at that time.”

The Protocols were established in September last year and were originally set to expire on 30 April, but were extended to 30 June and then extended again indefinitely on 30 June to give the parties the “necessary time” to reach a New deal. IATSE even postponed the resumption of its separate negotiations with AMPTP on a new film and television contract until next month to focus on the protocols for return to work.

The recurring protocols of the film and television industry extended indefinitely


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