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Kinnear Murder: Zane Kilian Changes Lawyer as Case Continues…and Beyond

Zane Kilian photographed during a previous court appearance.

Zane Kilian photographed during a previous trial.

  • Former rugby player Zane Kilian, accused of murder, has fired his lawyers.
  • His co-defendants in Charl Kinnear’s murder are contesting portions of police affidavits filed during a bail application.
  • The case was postponed – again.

Former rugby player Zane Kilian has terminated the services of the lawyers representing him on charges that he murdered Charl Kinnear, detective of the Anti-Gang Unit (AGU).

The bail application of Kilian, Nafiz Modack and others, accused of participating in a mass racketeering gang, again stalled in the Blue Downs regional court on Tuesday.

Kinnear was murdered last year outside his home in Bishop Lavis, Cape Town.

Kilian was the first to be arrested – and the case has since grown tentacles, extending to the attempted murder of attorney William Booth, the alleged corruption of AGU member Ashley Tabisher, the kidnapping of a financial specialist and widespread phone location tracking.

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Modack, Kilian and Tabisher are accused of being part of the alleged “enterprise”, along with Jacques Cronje and Ricardo Morgan.

The case has been postponed several times, including when a previous magistrate was shot and injured in a car wash.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - MAY 07: Nafiz Modack app

Nafiz Modack during a previous appearance.

National Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said the state was ready to present its case Tuesday.

However, the State had to process another incidental petition.


The defense received four affidavits from police officers, but Modack’s attorneys argue that some passages in the affidavits are inadmissible.

Charl Kinnear

Senior detective of the anti-gang unit, Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear.

“The State only received the substantive application this morning,” says Ntabazalila. “The State will study and respond to the request.”

The case was adjourned to August 5.

A new lawyer has since been appointed for Kilian after the services of his previous counsel, Eric Bryer and Marius Botha, were terminated.


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