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Jim Jordan among 5 House Republicans elected by McCarthy to Jan. 6 select committee


Republican representatives Jim Banks of Indiana, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Rodney Davis of Illinois, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota and novice Troy Nehls of Texas have been selected by McCarthy, the minority leader confirmed to CNN. The group of House Republicans named to the select committee huddled together at McCarthy’s office for a meeting Monday night.

Asked how he arrived at his election, McCarthy said he carefully selected a mix of members representing a wide range of views within the House GOP conference and each can bring a different area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise to the table because of their past job or current selection of submissions.

“You have a mix of the whole conference, of people who protested, people who did not object … You have people who were writers of the Commission,” McCarthy told reporters. “So you have a microcosm of the conference.”

Some Republicans had called on McCarthy to boycott the committee all together, arguing that the appointment of GOP members would give more credibility to an inquiry they hope to paint as partisan.

But in the end, McCarthy felt it was important to have their side represented and “make sure you get the best people on the committee.”

Of the Republicans McCarthy has submitted to the committee, Banks, Jordan and Nehls were among the 139 House Republicans who voted to overthrow the 2020 presidential results in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Davis and Armstrong voted to certify the presidential election.
Banks and Jordan were also part of the group of Republicans to sign the lawsuit in Texas, which sought to annul the ballots of millions of voters in four battlefield states but was quickly blocked by the Supreme Court. McCarthy and Jordan could be called as witnesses as the rebellion investigation unfolds.
Jordan is perhaps the best known of the five given his history of colliding with Democrats at high-profile hearings on Capitol Hill. The Ohio Republican was one of then-President Donald Trump’s main defenders during his first indictment and is a close McCarthy ally.

Davis is the top Republican on the House administration committee overseeing the Capitol’s day-to-day operations, and voted for a bipartisan commission to investigate Jan. 6, which ended up being blocked by Senate Republicans. Armstrong is a former prosecutor and chairman of the state party.

When CNN was asked what the Republicans will achieve in the elected committee, Jordan attacked the Democrats: “You know what this is about. This is about going after President Trump. The Democrats will not talk about anything else.”

Banks was selected to rank Republicans in the committee and is also the chair of the Republican Committee of Inquiry, the largest Conservative president in Parliament.

In a statement, Banks confirmed that he had accepted McCarthy’s appointment, but outlined his concerns about the committee’s reach and formulated it as an effort by Democrats “to malicious conservatives and to justify the Left’s authoritarian agenda.”

“I have accepted Leader McCarthy’s appointment to this committee because we need leaders who will force Democrats and the media to answer questions hitherto ignored. Among them, why was the Capitol unprepared and vulnerable to attacks on January 6? ? ” Asked the banks.

He added: “I will do my best to give the American people facts about the leadership until January 6, the uprising that day and the responses from the Capitol leadership and the Biden administration.”

Nehls, a former sheriff and military officer who tried to block rebels from breaking the floor of the house using a sign as a temporary weapon, told CNN he believes his past experience is why McCarthy chose him for the committee.

“I’ve been a law enforcement officer for 30 years as a sheriff for eight years, so I just think it’s, you know, maybe he looked at those skills,” Nehls said of why he was elected. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to serve at the request of the leader, and I go to the best job I can.”

Under the House’s decision, House President Nancy Pelosi appointed eight members to the Commission, and McCarthy has five slots “in consultation” with Pelosi – meaning the House speaker could eventually veto his election.

& # 39;  We will do this work as long as it takes & # 39 ;: Thompson is ready for political battle leading to investigation on January 6th.

The Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, who chairs the committee, told CNN after the announcement that while it is up to Pelosi whether McCarthy’s election is over, “as far as I am concerned, I will go with it.”

“Would have been nice if a woman or two had been put on by the Republicans, but unfortunately not,” he added, highlighting McCarthy’s all-male choice.

Thompson removed concerns about the selection of Jordan and promised no matter what, he will work with all members elected to the final committee.

“Well, the question is, I’m the chairman of the committee and I hope he can work with me?”

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin, one of Pelosi’s committee members, responded to McCarthy’s election by telling CNN: “We trust all members will be focused on how the violent attack on Congress and the counting of voters was organized and funded and why these events happened. It is a matter of democratic survival and national security. “

The committee selected is due to hold its first hearing next week. Committee members will hear from Capitol Police officers Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell, as well as Metropolitan Police Officers Michael Fanone and Daniel Hodges, about their experiences on 6 January.
The five Republicans elected by McCarthy are not the only members of the committee. Pelosi appointed the Republican rep. Liz Cheney from Wyoming among her eight choices to serve on the panel.

Pelosi’s office told CNN Monday night that they had just learned from the names and that Pelosi was going through the polls.

This story has been updated with further developments on Monday.

CNN’s Lauren Fox, Ryan Nobles and Manu Raju contributed to this report.



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