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“I shot Carlo Giuliani at the G8, I lived in an endless prison for 20 years”


AGI – Neither those who fired nor those who demonstrated against the G8 with a fire extinguisher in hand six meters from him have never been in prison. Neither Mario Placanica, auxiliary carabiniere acquitted of murder, nor Carlo Giuliani, a boy who remained a boy because he died on July 20, 2001. But one of them says he ended up in it anyway. In a prison lonelier and darker.

“I live thrown away like an abandoned thing”

“I am dead since that day like Giuliani. I am a 40 year old man who lives thrown away as an abandoned thing. Without friends I look for them on Facebook but I can’t find their names anymore. Unemployed. without sockets”.

Reached on the phone by the AGI at his home in Catanzaro, Placanica apologizes for the hoarse voice, which, when he talks about his current condition, turns to tears: “I smoked all night because I couldn’t sleep. These are even more difficult days.”

The story of a motionless and ‘still’ life is starkly compared to the sirens of Piazza Alimonda, the blows that explode, the images that terrified the world, a prelude to the sound of the batons on the bones of the night at Diaz. The former carabiniere, then worked in the land registry for several years, is in a wheelchair, after a car accident.

“The only distraction I have is watching my uncle die” water the plants at 4:30 am in the morning. What should I do? I haven’t worked since 2014. I was listed for a position in the Ministry of the Interior, but then I was declared incapacitated for work. And from unreachable, unlike a civilian disabled person, I can’t hold a public job. I’m good with computers, even if it is now the view let me down. My eyes burn because I spend too much time in front of the screen.”

“I shook Carlo’s father’s hand”

For a while he was in the community, “my parents put me there to help me out of my depression, I felt a little better”.

Then the prison reopened and the pain for his father’s disappearance also poured in: “He died last year, very young. In the following days I waited for a representative of the state, whoever. To tell me, ‘Mr Placanica, don’t worry, we’re with you’. It was enough for a municipal police to call as well. I suffered so much that no one knocked.”

About Carlo Giuliani, about his family, about their pain, Placanica expresses himself clearly and sharply: “What happened at the G8 was a very bad thing, we were two guys who brought different ideals, but two guys. I have served the state, Giuliani demonstrated. I think of Carlo, he was 20 years old just like me. I met Giuliano (Carlo’s father, he calls him by name, ed.) twice, by chance or perhaps because he had arranged for his wife, at Termini station. We shake hands. But I feel I have a duty to meet my mother as well.” “To apologize, but not because I am a murderer – he emphasizes – I am not. I thought it was impossible to defend myself and fired two shots in the air. I did not realize what was happening, I were 20”.

“I would like to go back to work”

An expert judgment has determined that one of those two bullets would have been ‘deflected’ by a rubble, penetrating Carlo Giuliani. The investigation into him was closed prematurely, it never became a trial. “There have been many lawsuits held at the G8, but there are culprits that have never been found and never brought to trial or even identified in all the committees of inquiry in Parliament. It’s people who are still in the gun, they’re the ones who knew and have been silent for 20 years.”

Placanica’s version is included in a recently released book written by his colleague Andrea Di Lazzaro. is titled “Destroyed by the due act”.

At the bottom of his prison, the ex-boyfriend who shot, and who now says, “I don’t like one day in my life,” still feeds on a veil of hope. “I’d like to turn around and talk about this book and I would like to work. I would really like someone to help me get out of here by giving me a chance”.



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