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Hospitals have become a major industry, Supreme Court sues | India News


NEW DELHI: Aware of high hospital bills for Covid patients during the second wave that pushed health infrastructure to the brink, the Supreme Court said on Monday that hospitals have become a major industry instead of taking responsibility for providing aid to those in need. patients.
This comment came from a bench of Judges DY Chandrachud and MR Shah, who took stock of the execution of the December 18 order that directed the appointment of nodal officers for each Covid hospital and a district committee to conduct fire safety audits. of all Covid patients. care hospitals. Last year’s order was given after two consecutive fires in Gujarat and one in Maharashtra in which several patients and health workers were burned alive.
Senior attorney Dushyant Dave set the tone for hospital scrutiny, recounting the frustrating yet furious experience of his brother’s family and relative who was suffering from Covid. “The hospital that treated him raised a bill of Rs 17 lakh and yet they were unable to save him. There should be a cap on the fees charged by hospitals and patients should be prevented from being rushed. Many had borrowed money to treat their relatives. They are almost bankrupt. There must be a limit on hospital costs.”
The bank said: “Hospitals have become a big industry. Are we looking at hospitals such as the real estate sector or a sector that provides help to patients in need.” The bank was told by Dave that the Commission headed by Justice (rtd) DA Mehta filed a report, but complained that it was of no value as it prohibited hospital fire victims from meaningfully participating in the trial.
When he appeared before Gujarat, senior lawyer Maninder Singh said the state would submit the commission report in sealed envelope to the court as the report is to be submitted in the meeting. He also said the state would submit a report on the measures taken specifying the degree of compliance with the commission’s recommendations.
However, the bank objected to the notification from the Government of Gujarat on July 8 exempting building ordinance compliance by Covid hospitals operating from part of non-compliant structures until June 2022 until June 2022. notice is in violation of our warrant, please ensure that it is withdrawn before the SC takes action. If we find out that the government has violated our order of 18 December, we will take it up,” it warned the Gujarat government.
The SC said: “Once there is an order by the SC, it cannot be overruled or nullified by a notice from the Executive. If you (Gujarat) say that no action will be taken against violations of the building code until June 30 next year, do you want more people to die from similar incidents?”
Attorney General Tushar Mehta clarified that the Covid care hospitals are in compliance with fire safety according to the order of the highest court, but closing a hospital for non-correction of minor building code violations during the pandemic would mean 30,000 beds are lost intended to treat Covid patients. While Judge Shah challenged the Gujarat government, Judge Chandrachud flagged the fire incident at Zakir Hussain Hospital in Nashik, which charred 13 Covid patients and health workers.
Justice Chandrachud said states should open large stadiums for Covid treatment, as has been done by Mumbai Municipal Corporation. “The impression should not be given to the public that only because of the pandemic the illegalities are being overlooked and patient safety is being pushed into the background,” he said. The bank gave Gujarat two weeks to submit the Commission’s report, the report on the measures taken and the logic behind the publication of the July 8 notice.



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