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HBO Max offers Gossip Girl, Game Of Thrones for free on Snapchat


What does Gossip Girl look like on Snapchat?

What to look at Gossip girl on Snapchat is similar
Graphic: Greetings from HBO Max

Snapchat had its moment in the mid-2010s before millennia, Gen Z and Kylie Jenner decided it was not cool. In a delayed attempt at get young people invested in an app that is best used to post nude photos and doctors with anime filters, Snapchat has now teamed up with HBO Max to offer free series or season premieres episodes of Gossip girl, Game of Thrones, Euphoriaand much more, starting today.

The feature, called the HBO Max Mini, is only available in the United States for now and “launches instantly in Snapchat with no installation required, offers age-based episodes and is available on iOS and Android,” according to the press release. The app also includes a feature that allows users to watch shows with as many as 63 of their closest friends, with chat and Bitmoji responses to tell people what you really think about the latest Gossip girl twist.

Will the prospect of watching hit shows for free bring teens back to Snapchat? Most people who want to watch HBO Max shows probably have already asked a friend or parent for a login or tried to download its programming illegal online. And phone screens are small! Isn’t it far more likely that people will watch an episode that is over 20 minutes long on their laptops instead? That the partnership has strong “Hdo you do it, fellow children? “energy, and we doubt it will make Snapchat cool again—but HBO Max gets some points to try.

If you do not have an HBO Max subscription and want to try the Snapchat stuff, here is the full list of available titles:

  • Craftopia
  • Euphoria
  • The pilot
  • Game of Thrones
  • Generate + ion
  • Gossip Girl (2021)
  • Looney Tunes
  • Love life
  • Lovecraft Country
  • Selena + cook
  • Titans
  • Warrior
  • World Of Calm
  • Betty (premiere of season 2)



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