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Google’s new trial for advertising policy violations


Starting in September 2021, Google Ads will begin testing a new three-strike pilot program for accounts that have repeatedly violated advertising policies.

“We will issue warnings and strikes for violations of our policies that promote dishonesty, unapproved substances, and dangerous products or services-this includes advertisements promoting deceptive behavior or products, such as creating false documents, hacking services, and Spyware, as well as tobacco, drugs and weapons, and other types of content,” the company said in a new help center news bulletin. These types of ads have been banned for a while, but the system that penalizes non-compliance is new.

Penalties in the strike system. A warning will be issued at the beginning of the system, and there will be no penalties for initial violations. From there, every violation will be punished more and more severely until the account is finally suspended.

Types of trigger punishment
caveat Advertising content that violates our “Promoting dishonesty”, “Unapproved Substances” and “Dangerous Products or Services” policies for the first time There is no penalty other than being removed
Related ads
First hit Violates the same policy that you received a warning within 90 days The account will be suspended for three days, during which time ads will not be available
Second strike Violates the same policy that you received your first strike within 90 days of the first strike The account will be suspended for 7 days, during which time ads will not be available.This will serve as the last notice for advertisers to avoid account suspension
Third strike Violates the same policy that you received the second strike within 90 days of the second strike Account suspension due to repeated violations of our policies

If the account violates the policy, the account administrator will receive an email notifying them of the problem. After the initial warning, the administrator needs to correct the policy violation and send a confirmation to Google Ads that the changes have been made in order to run ads again.

The timetable for the strike. According to Google, the strike will expire in 90 days. If you receive two warnings, fix the problem, send a confirmation of the problem and the fix, and then do not violate other policies within 90 days after the fix, your account will be reset to some extent, and the next violation will be a preliminary warning again . As always, search marketers can appeal any violations and enforcement decisions.

“When we detected a serious violation of the policy, we have immediately implemented an account-level suspension, such as bypassing our system (for example, creating a new account to bypass multiple attack suspensions), phishing or misrepresenting products or services to Deliberately misleading users,” the announcement also said.

future. Google Ads plans to expand the scope of the project after the initial pilot to include more types of policies. The plan will eventually be launched globally.

Why do we care. The new advertising policy pilot program provides advertisers with clear actions and consequences. Although Google is testing the program against the policy of “promoting dishonest behavior, unapproved substances and dangerous products or services,” it may eventually be extended to other policy areas in the coming year. The initial warning gave you the benefit of suspicion, but then the punishment became more severe. However, the penalties may be too severe for those whose ads are incorrectly flagged as violations when they are not.

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