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Google hotel ads with image extensions


It looks like Google is now testing the display image extension in Google’s hotel ads. Lluc B. Penycate, who carefully tracks the hotel space in Google, noticed this and said that this is the “first time I saw a hotel brand search image in Google Ads.”

He posted a lot of screenshots online Twitter, I can’t copy. This is one of the screenshots (click to enlarge):

Click to view full size

The point he made, and I agree that it’s weird, is “Most of the photos I see in ads are also GMB featured images.” Yes, if you look at it, “Google My Business” featured photos are used as image ad extension One of them. I want to know if this is done automatically or manually by the enterprise?

I did not see any image extensions related to hotel advertising in the Google Marketing Live 2021 announcement. So maybe this is new?

Discussion in the forum Twitter.


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