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Florence Pugh story about Scarlett Johansson’s daughter


My new favorite MCU best friends.

Hi, it’s me again, the person who literally can not stop shouting about Marvel and from now on can not stop crying over Black widow.

I mean, Natasha not only got the solo movie she deserved YEARS ago, but Yelena, Alexei, and Melina are three of my favorite MCU characters now, and this found family is so perfect.

In addition to loving these characters, it has been so much fun to see that Black widow the cast actually became a family during the film.

In an interview with IMDb, Scarlett and Florence discussed what it was like to film the massive car scene in “Five Hours in the Summer Heat of Budapest.”

Scarlett explained that they were literally “hanging together” while shooting moments on the motorcycle and they could not get up between roofs because of their braces.

“We just sat together for so many hours, and [Florence] just wanted to do really annoying little things behind me, like pulling small pieces of hair, ā€¯Scarlett joked.

This was when Florence adorably shared that while she and Scarlett were stuck together, Scarlett’s daughter would “continue to deliver ice cream to us because it was so hot.”

Jay Maidment / Marvel Studios

“Scarlett was not allowed to do that because she is not allowed on dairy products, so she would be annoyed that I ate delicious ice cream right behind her,” Florence explained.

If you’ve experienced one of Florence’s “Cooking with Flo” segments on her Instagram, you probably know that she takes her ice cream VERY seriously.

I also LOVE this story because Flo in an interview with Glamor explained that Scarlett constantly shared her food on Black widow set so her daughter does the same is so clean.

Still, it’s the adorable Scarlett and Flo story today. I just love their friendship so much and will honestly love hanging out with them.

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