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Five right-wing contenders for 2022 agree to consider a “single candidacy”


Five potential right-wing candidates for the presidential election agreed on a meeting on Tuesday, July 20 in Paris under the auspices of the Les Républicains (LR) party. “Single Request” in 2022, while the pretender already declared ex-LR Xavier Bertrand, who was absent, at this stage refuses to participate in a primary.

“This first meeting is a demonstration of unity and loyalty. Each of its participants undertakes to respect a common rule in a collective approach that allows to gather around a single candidate ”, said the organizers of the meeting, the president of LR, Christian Jacob, the president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, and the mayor of Antibes, Jean Leonetti, in charge of a mission on the “Assembly Process” potential candidates in 2022.

‘Victory is near and our voters would not forgive our divisions’, underlined to the press Mr. Jacob, who will meet Xavier Bertrand in the Senate on Wednesday morning, with MM. Larcher and Leonetti. “The French team, we have it. Mr Macron is being reduced to poachers because he is unable to bring together “ and « Mme Le Pen speaks of a government of national unity because it is unable to line up three people who look like ministers”, he argued, recalling his party’s victories in municipal and regional elections.

The potential candidates (Michel Barnier, Philippe Juvin, Valérie Pécresse, Bruno Retailleau, Laurent Wauquiez) darkened after the two-hour meeting in a hotel near the Opéra Garnier, after posing for a group photo, far from the cameras. “There was much more friendship than tension or bitterness” welcomed Mr Leonetti to this meeting.

September 25 as deadline

Apart from the principle of an application ” unique “, those who are responsible for the right “Laying a Foundation” in view of a possible primary, according to Mr. Jacob, despite his reluctance in this process, synonymous with the direction of LR of “Machine to Lose”.

The party has set September 25 as the deadline for potential candidates to agree. If this optimistic hypothesis fails to materialize, a fall Congress will decide a tie-break process, despite management’s reticence on the primary.

This selection process, which will be put to the vote of the militants during the congress, will “Then engaged and open to all activists and sympathizers from the right and center”. Each candidate will be asked for 250 sponsorships – half of what is needed for a candidate for the Elysée Palace – the statement said.

At the end of the meeting, the Mayor of Garenne-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine), Philippe Juvin, wished that Xavier Bertrand, who has already applied for the Elysee, “Enter the Contest”. “Despite his talent and determination, [Xavier Bertrand] will also not be able to win alone”said Mr Leonetti.

“We need one candidate, not one candidate”, said former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier before the meeting. Valérie Pécresse, for whom a primary “Very Wide Open” stay here “Only democratic solution”, has already promised to do ” to hear [sa] vote” during the summer. “The Hour of the Woman Has Come”, she said in Provence start of July.

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Rider only

Xavier Bertrand, for his part, plans to pose as an unifier of his political family, at the risk of a stalemate with his former party. “I have a special responsibility, it is up to me to lead this meeting (…) while staying on a line that is mine”, he said recently. Currently, he seems best placed with 18% of the voting intentions, according to a poll published on July 4, against 14% in Valérie Pécresse and 13% in Laurent Wauquiez. He is behind Emmanuel Macron (24%) and Marine Le Pen (26%).

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But this lone rider makes the right one cringe. “The providential man or woman that some hoped for did not intrude”, Valérie Pécresse, Laurent Wauquiez and Bruno Retailleau, as well as Hervé Morin (Les Centristes), confirmed in a grandstand at the Figaro published on July 5. All four advocate the organization of a primary ” as soon as possible “.

“None of those who want the support of this political family would recover from not participating, standing outside this collective game”, Mr Barnier warned in the same tone on Monday. Wish him “Find a method” because The primaries are not the only solution. “I hope we can do without it thanks to a joint work between us. You can find a team leader without necessarily going into a period of squabbles, division, overbidding like the primaries in the past”, argues the former minister of Jacques Chirac.

LR management is very reluctant to organize a primary, which it believes is synonymous with “Machine to Lose”, by breathing new life into the stables and resentment. For former minister Jean-François Copé, the primary is: “A fall” and “A Dangerous Idea” That ‘Would automatically benefit Laurent Wauquiez’, he told the JDD July 11

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