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Experts confirm Ugandans have been given water for Covid vaccine



State House authorities have released the results obtained from the samples taken from the alleged fake Covid-19 vaccine.

More than 800 people and an undisclosed number of customers from various businesses in the Kampala metropolitan area received fake Covid-19 shots.

dr. Warren Naamara, the director of the State House Health Monitoring Unit, told the Daily Monitor that the suspects, including a doctor, who is currently on the run, defrauded several people and companies and injected them with fake vaccines between May 15 and June 17.

State House detectives arrested two nurses from Nakawa, Kampala, on charges of vaccinating people with the fake vaccine and they were sent back to Kitalya Prison.

dr. Naamara said yesterday that a number of suspected fake Covid-19 vaccine vials containing the real ones have been sent to the government analytical laboratory directorate in Wandegeya and the National Drug Authority (NDA) for analysis.

The NDA forwarded the suspected fake Covid-19 sample to vaccine and immunobiological drug manufacturers at the Serum Institute of India for comparison with real vaccines. The Serum Institute of India has confirmed that the batch in question has never been delivered to Uganda. It further confirms that the details of the product label have been falsified.


The government’s analytical lab also confirmed that the seized vaccines were not comparable to the real vials. “The fake vaccines were more water than anything else in the chemical content as it was analyzed,” he said. dr. Naamara said the population who received the fake shots should understand that they are not poisoned and are not in danger.

“All individuals and collaborating companies who have been vaccinated for a fee, especially within the workplaces of the suspect who is still at large, are advised to get a free Covid-19 shot at the vaccination centers approved by the Ministry of Health.” , he said.

The State House director also said the public should continue to have access to the vaccination at Kiswa Health Center IV, as the falsification of those involved took place outside the facility.


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